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A fire outbreak is a traumatic event that can lead to the loss of lives and the destruction of property. Acting fast will save your life, but that doesn’t mean your home will come out unscathed. Luckily, fire damage restoration professionals can help you salvage the situation.

Our IICRC fire and smoke licensed technicians will work quickly and efficiently to clear out all the soot, smoke, and water damage from your home or business using our specialized equipment and expertise.

We’ll have your building back to running order in no time.

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What is Fire Damage and Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage is the physical destruction of property caused by direct or indirect exposure to fire. Three things happen when your property is directly exposed to fire:

Minor damage from fire, soot, or smoke

Small to large areas of the property suffering immediate damage

The majority of the property burning to the ground

Fire can start from many things, with the leading causes being electrical, candles, space heaters, smoking, boilers, and oven/stoves.

A fire damage restoration company will assess the damage and decide on the best way to fix things. If the fire only affected parts of the property, the fire damage restoration company can provide complete cleaning & renovation services to get the building back to safe, livable conditions. In terms of your valuables, a fire restoration company would need to evaluate each item to determine if the items are salvageable.

Besides fire damage to your property, smoke and soot from the fire can stain your walls, carpets, and other surfaces in your home. But this isn’t all; you’ll also notice a distinctive odor throughout your home. You need to call in a fire damage restoration company in time to help you clean the soot and smoke from porous materials and remove the odor.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is the act of remediating any property damage caused by fire and getting it back to its pre-fire state. With that, the restoration company should begin as soon as safely possible after the fire is put out.

When fire damages your property, you need to call our fire damage restoration service within 24–48 hours for emergency response. These are the “golden hours of recovery,” and it’s the best time for the fire restoration to recover the property as much as possible. The longer you allow the water and smoke damage to sit, the more damage it will cause.

It’s risky to take on fire damage restoration without professionals. If you inhale the soot and smoke trapped in your surfaces, it can potentially negatively affect your health and cause complications for you and your loved ones.

A good fire damage restoration company will immediately mitigate the fire damage by providing fire & smoke damage restoration and fire damage cleanup. The fire damage company will prioritize damage that could lead to further damage. If your property is affected by soot and smoke damage, the restoration company will decontaminate that first. Then, it will go ahead with deodorizing, deep cleaning, and smoke damage cleaning for the building.



How Our Fire Restoration Services Work

Our fire restoration process depends on what type of property you have, how severe the damage is, and the amount of time since the fire happened.

1. Emergency Services

Every second is crucial when it comes to dealing with fire damage. As soon as we arrive at your property, we’ll provide emergency services to prevent the damage. These services include using high power extraction equipment to extract moisture from the damaged areas to prevent mold growth, identifying the type of fire, and assessing the damage to the property.

2. File a Claim

Next, you’ll file a claim with the insurance company and set up a physical inspection meeting with the insurance adjuster and us to inspect the property and assess the damage.

3. Dry the Property

Typically, the property will be wet or flooded due to the amount of water the fire department used to quench the fire. If this isn’t well taken care of, it can cause mold growth leading to structural damage and health conditions. We prevent this with air filtration devices and drying equipment.

4. Smoke Cleaning

Once the property is 100% dry, we’ll clean up any soot and smoke on your surfaces, including tiles, walls, ceilings, carpets, and slabs. We’ll also get rid of the toxic smoke odor that can affect your family’s health.

5. Rebuild

After performing our fire damage restoration services, you can focus on rebuilding your home and getting it back to habitable conditions.

We Help Recover After the Following Fire Damage Situations:

Electrical Fire

Electrical Fire

Electrical fire is one of the most common types of fire damage, especially in industrial and residential properties. Electrical fire is caused by deteriorating outlets and appliances like damaged circuits and wires. Signs of deteriorating outlets and appliances are light-bulb flickering frequently, burn marks around the electrical outlet, and electrical fire smells from the outlet. If you fail to address these things, a fire outbreak will eventually happen. You'll need to call in a fire damage restoration company to mitigate the damage and salvage the property. The fire restoration company will assess the damage and start the damage cleaning process to get your home back to its pre-fire state.

Space Heater Fire

Space Heater Fire

A space heater fire is caused by placing the heater too close to flammable items like clothing and furniture. Typically, your heater should be in the middle of the room, at least three feet from any flammable objects. Also, avoid placing the heater in a wet environment because exposure to moisture can cause long-term damage. If a space heater fire breaks out in your home, you should immediately use a fire extinguisher and contact the fire department. Once they've confirmed the fire has been put out, call in a fire restoration company for damage cleanup.

Smoke/Soot Damage

Heating, lighting, arson, and smoking are leading causes of smoke damage in homes. Exposure to smoke and soot from a fire outbreak can stain and discolor surfaces in your home. Simultaneously, smoke damage causes corrosion and rust on metal items. You may notice the smell of smoke on your fabric and furniture. The best way to handle smoke damage is to call in an expert fire restoration company. iFlooded restoration professionals will remove soot from walls, ceilings, flooring, and belongings and deodorize your home.

Boiler Puffback

A boiler puff back happens when the heating system is poorly ventilated or clogged. This causes the oil vapor to build up before ignition and can lead to a minor explosion and fire. A boiler puff back releases a lot of smoke and soot that can cause health complications. Boiler puff backs are very dangerous, so you need to call in a licensed restoration company to help you handle them. The company will use the right tools and equipment to clean up any soot, odor, and smoke that can cause severe respiratory problems for you in the long run.

Candle Fire

Candle Fire

If you use lots of candles for home decor, you need to be careful. A scented candle is still an open flame, and it can start a fire in your home, especially when it comes in contact with flammable objects. To prevent a candle fire outbreak in your home, you should use a candle holder and place it at least 1 foot away from any flammable objects. Leaving a candle unattended can easily start a fire in your home. If you need to put out a candle fire, don't use water because the fire can feed on the oxygen in the water. Water can also splatter candle wax on different items and cause more damage. Instead, use a candle snuffer or a multipurpose Class ABC extinguisher (for larger fires).

Stove/Oven Fire

Stove and oven fires are common types of kitchen fire outbreaks that happen in homes. To safely put out a stove fire, place a lid over the pot or pan to starve the fire of oxygen; this will smother the flames naturally. Next, turn off the stove. Do not try to put out the fire with water as this can cause severe burns and spread the fire to the rest of the house. If an oven fire starts in your home, turn off the oven, shut the door, and let the fire burn out. Like a stove fire, the oven fire should go out by itself when there's no oxygen. If it doesn’t go out, leave the house and call 911. Once the fire is out, clean the oven thoroughly and open the windows. If there is smoke, soot, or fire damage caused by the oven fire, call a fire damage restoration company to help.



How Our Fire Damage Repair & Restoration Services Can Help

We know how devastating fires can be, to both your home, health and daily life. A reputable restoration company can help to minimize the impact the fire has on your home, by doing everything to restore it.

Using our fire restoration services means you can get back to everyday life quickly.

1. Confirm Stability and Safety

The first thing that needs to be done is to confirm that the property is safe to enter. Here, you should inspect the property for possible structural damage caused by the fire. You can ask the fire or building department to take a second look to ensure the property is safe, but our team will do a full inspection.

2. Reduce Further Damage

The job of a fire damage restoration company is to prevent further property damage. We’ll start with soot removal and cleaning smoke off the different items and materials that have absorbed smoke.

Next, our specialists will look for any signs of moisture and mold, then start drying out the property. We’ll also need to deodorize the air using air scrubbers.

Speed is everything, and our specialists are skilled at providing speedy, yet effective restoration services. We will do our best to immediately perform our fire damage restoration services to increase the chance of complete property restoration.

3. Discard Debris and Soot

Soot and debris can affect the fire damage restoration process, so it’s best to get rid of all of it first. The longer the soot stays on a surface, the quicker it will begin to etch metal and glass.

Our fire damage restoration experts use a specialized Hepa Vacuum Cleaner and Hepa Air Filtration Device to clear up the soot. They also need to dry sponge and wipe all the surfaces.

4. Remove Personal Possessions

Our fire damage restoration team will remove personal possessions from within the home. Some items may be beyond salvage point, so our fire damage professionals will carefully inventory them and take them off the premises until the restoration work is complete.

If your items aren’t severely damaged, they’ll clean them up and set them aside for when the home is back to its pre-fire state.

5. Cleaning

The cleanup process first starts by clearing out the soot and smoke from the house. The fire remediation team has to do a deep clean, which involves sanding, cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising your materials to remove all the traces of smoke and smoke odour. After doing this, they’ll drain the excess water and dry all moisture to prevent mold growth.

6. Repairing

Our property experts will salvage as much building materials as possible . If they don’t need to be replaced they will be restored instead.

The wooden beams,studs and joist often retain smoke and water damage therefore they need to be sanded down,then dried. Then they can be encapsulated with a special fire damage encapsulant paint. The purpose of this process is to keep any smoke odor from permeating.

7. Renovations

Once the restoration team has completed all the repairs and cleaning, property renovation can start. This is the point where the experts work to get the property back to livable conditions. The restoration company may need to reconstruct parts of the building that suffered extensive fire damage and continue renovating the property.

Would You Like to Know More About Our Fire Damage Restoration Service?

Fires are life-changing, but that doesn’t mean they have to destroy yours. Our professionals will do their very best to get you back home and safe, so please feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about the fire damage restoration process.

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Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

A fire damage restoration company remediates different types of fire damage to salvage your property, prevent further damage and get the property back to its original state. They will also assess the damage, clean up soot and smoke, dry out the property to prevent mold growth, and repair damaged parts of your home to get it back to its pre-fire condition.

Fire damage restoration can take a few days to a couple of months, depending on the type of fire, the extent of damage, type of property, and when the damage happened. The fire damage restoration company will assess the damage and give you a timeframe for how long the process would take.

Although there’s no hard and fast rule for this, it’s best to move out of your home during fire damage restoration. Staying in the property at this time can expose you to different health hazards like soot, odors, mold, and smoke.

To mitigate fire damage, the fire damage restoration experts will remove all soot and debris from the property. Then they will get rid of the excess water and dry out any moisture to prevent mold growth. Finally, they’ll deep clean and restore the home or business.

Most home insurance policies will cover restoration costs for damage caused by smoke, ash, soot, and flame. This means the insurance policy will pay for the cleaning, repairing, and replacing of any items damaged by exposure to smoke and soot.  

It is recommended to check your insurance policy to determine what it covers and how much coverage you have.

No. Fire damage restoration should only be done by professionals who have expert knowledge on fire restoration. Your home insurance policy should cover the cost of hiring professional restoration service providers to get your home back to its original state.

Would You Like to Know More About Our Fire Damage Restoration Service?

Fires are life-changing, but that doesn’t mean they have to destroy yours. Our professionals will do their very best to get you back home and safe, so please feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about the fire damage restoration process.