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A fire is one of the most devastating events anyone can go through, and it can cause severe damage to a property. When a fire occurs, the first thought of anyone is to get themselves, other inhabitants, and pets away from danger, so the property is the last priority (as it should be).

However, once the initial blaze is out and everyone’s OK, the harsh reality of the damage the fire causes can be challenging to handle. Fire damage restoration services are the best way to repair any damages, salvage your personal belongings, and recover the property.

iFlooded Restoration is one of the premier fire restoration companies in Westchester county. Our highly trained technicians can remediate your property and always do everything to restore it to pre-loss condition.

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If you’d like to know more about us, please feel free to call our friendly team or email us. We also have a 24/7 line for emergencies, so the iFlooded team will always be there when you need us.

With us on your side, your property has every chance of returning to its pre-damage condition, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Why You Need Fire Damage Restoration Services

It’s no secret that fires can cause severe aesthetic damage to your property, which is often the first thing people notice. However, the real fire damage occurs from the soot, smoke, and water- because all of these can create more significant problems further down the line.

We always advise our clients to contact a remediation company as soon as possible because, after 48 hours pass, the job will be a lot harder.

Soot & Smoke Damage

The flames might be the immediate hazard, but residue smoke and soot can cause more damage. When they settle, the remediation job is more challenging, and both substances can cause serious health issues.

For example, wet smoke is clammy and sticky, making it harder to remove from the walls and ceilings. Soot is dangerous when inhaled, and it irritates the lungs but can also result in long-term health issues.

You’re also at risk of skin irritation and will have to deal with lingering smoke odors that settle on the clothes. Perhaps even more importantly, soot damage can cause metal corrosion, damaging vital property components.

Mold Growth

Most people know that where there’s moisture, there’s mold growth. After a fire, your home will naturally have water damage because emergency services use a combination of foam and water to extinguish the blaze.

There are so many types of mold, and some can be toxic. Black mold particularly causes many problems in properties, and you’ll need a fire damage service that also provides mold remediation in Westchester.

As mold can cause allergies, skin rashes, and respiratory problems, you should never tackle it alone. A certified mold removal team will be able to carry