Smoke damage health risks

smoke damage health risks

Smoke and soot in a house fire are two dangerous combinations that spell bad news for your finances. Whether the fire creates partial damage or full destruction, expect your health and home to be at high risk. The EPA warns that people with pre-existing conditions and pregnant women are at higher risk of health complications […]

Smoke damage to electronics

smoke damage electronics

After a fire, smoke and soot remain in the house. From belongings to the home’s structure, it damages everything it touches. The EPA believes the air quality in the home is at risk, regardless of trying many DIY cleaning tips to remove it. Therefore, it’s important to lean on a smoke and soot restoration company […]

Furnace and boiler malfunction – A guide on puff backs

boiler puff back

As the weather changes and the temperature drops, it is time for homeowners to start using their boiler or the furnace. While safe to use, there are circumstances that may cause the boiler or furnace to malfunction. That is when you can experience what is called “puff backs”. When the heating system is poorly ventilated […]

What can be salvaged after a house fire

salvaged after a house fire

Fire departments respond to 354,400 homes affected by fire each year. Property damages are an estimated $6.9 billion each year. Fires and smoke destroy everything it consumes, and it seems like there’s no choice but to search for a new residence. Restoration companies like iFlooded Restoration assist homeowners after fire-related events.  What can be Salvaged […]

How to Handle Smoke Damage in Your Home

smoke damage

Between 2013 and 2017, home fires make up 27% of all fires. Seventy percent of all fire deaths and all fire injuries come from within the 27% home fire statistic. The leading cause of fires originates from cooking. In order, heating, electrical/lighting, arson/intentional, and smoking/smoking materials round out the top five. Smoke and fire damage […]

Insurance Claim and Restoration for Vandalism

vandalism claim insurance

The world is shaken up by the death of George Floyd, the unarmed African-American who died in the custody of police officers in Minnesota. In many places of the United States, including New York City, people have been protesting in response to this incident. Many properties have been damaged during these difficult times . If […]

How to Prevent Electrical Fires

prevent electrical fire

Experiencing a home fire is a dreadful experience, whether it’s an electrical fire or any other kind. Fires start in many different environments, not just outdoors. 27% of fires occurred in home structures between 2013 and 2017, according to NFPA. While cooking is the leading cause of home fires, electrical fires cause the biggest property […]

How to Prevent Space Heater Fires

space heater fire

Home fires are more common than you would think. One quarter of all reported fires happened indoors. The causes are multiple, ranging from electrical fire, cooking or heating equipment. The latter is the second leading cause of home fires, after cooking. Although space heater fire incidents caused only 4% of total fires during 2013 and […]

Keep Your Home Safe when Burning Candles

burning candles

Candles are no longer a necessity, rather a part of the décor in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. While people use it less, it is important to keep in mind that a burning candle is still an open flame. This means that it can easily ignite anything that’s close. Jim Bullock, former deputy chief […]

Upholding Kitchen Fire Safety

kitchen fire

Cooking is one basic activity that can cause immense damage when left unattended. About 30% of kitchen fire cases start because the equipment was left unattended. Fires in the cooking area are more common than you think. Cooking is the leading cause of home fire and injuries, with a staggering proportion of 49% of all […]