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How to Handle Smoke Damage in Your Home


Between 2013 and 2017, home fires make up 27% of all fires. Seventy percent of all fire deaths and all fire injuries come from within the 27% home fire statistic. The leading cause of fires originates from cooking. In order, heating, electrical/lighting, arson/intentional, and smoking/smoking materials round out the top five. Smoke and fire damage are too dangerous to tackle alone. Besides contacting a fireman, you need a fire restoration company on your side, and iFlooded Restoration is the answer.


What is Considered Smoke Damage?

After the fire, walls and ceilings made from any material after contact with soot and ash will stain and discolor the area. The same is true for metal material such as electronics, appliances, and faucets; the difference is corrosion and rust will appear as well. Any items that appear burnt or charred are not safe from smoke damage, either. Additionally, damage from smoke can affect clothing, upholstery, and fabric through smell.

Home Fire Insurance

Home insurance will cover fire damage that jeopardizes the home’s structure as well as the garage, carports, sheds, fences, barns, and tool sheds. The policy may cover trees, hedges, shrubs, and gardens. It may cover hotel costs if you can’t live in the fire-damaged home. It may extend to personal property damage such as clothing, furniture, and appliances too. If it doesn’t, the coverage only extends to Acts of God fires and fires that aren’t due to negligence. Electronics and jewelry fire coverage is a separate rider. Understand that your home insurance coverage only covers the cost that is left after the initial deductible.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in New York

Answers like that are the reason a smoke and fire damage restoration company is mandatory. Let iFlooded Restoration wield its 30+ years of experience toward restoring your home to normal. With a 24/7 immediate response, there’s no wait time to resolve this traumatic issue. We tackle the issue head-on, drying up secondary water damage in the home the fire caused to stop mold from forming. Next, professionals remove soot from walls, ceilings, flooring, and belongings. Afterward, we work with you to rebuild your home. To save you stress, we bill the insurance company directly.

Contact iFlooded Restoration for a free assessment and a free estimate. We will walk you through the fire damage restoration process and start restoring your home immediately.