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Insurance Claim and Restoration for Vandalism


The world is shaken up by the death of George Floyd, the unarmed African-American who died in the custody of police officers in Minnesota. In many places of the United States, including New York City, people have been protesting in response to this incident.

Many properties have been damaged during these difficult times . If this happens to you, it is important to know that property damage caused by fire, explosions, rioting or vandalism are all generally covered under standard insurance policies. The vandalism insurance claim is also commonly covered under an ‘all perils’ policy, also known as ‘all risks’ or ‘comprehensive’ insurance.


What Is Vandalism?

If someone intentionally damages your property without your consent, it is considered vandalism. There are many types of vandalism, from spray painting to arson. Whether it is your personal property or your business, it is important to check your coverage and make sure you are covered in case someone vandalizes your property.

How to protect your business from vandalism

Vandalism affects all types of business through malicious destruction of the property. Rioting, civil commotion and vandalism can cause property damage that can be minimized by taking these precaution measures:

  • Examine your current security system and upgrade it where necessary. Technology now allows you to have a clear image of intruders and even hold them off. You can install HD surveillance cameras, motion detectors and even remote.
  • Board up your windows with plywood. Installing impact glass for doors and windows is essential in protecting your business from vandalism. You can also install anti-climb barriers and use paint that prevents graffiti and climbing
  • Plan for major protests. If you haven’t done so, install break-resistant glass and temporary barriers to protect the face of the building
  • Take plenty of photos of your building on the inside and on the outside. You will need this as proof in case of looting or theft.
  • Check if ‘vandalism’ is included in your policy. If you have an ‘all perils’ policy, vandalism is typically already covered. Many times, looting occurs as a result of rioting and civil commotion. You can include both rioting and civil commotion in your policy

Does Insurance cover vandalism claims for homes or businesses?

Standard insurance policies cover property damage caused by malicious mischief (vandalism), riot or civil commotion. The policy usually covers the damage for the structure as well as for your belongings.

If you are a victim of vandalism, you must contact the police immediately to file the report that will be used for your insurance claim. Take photos and videos of the damage,as they will be used as proof. You can minimize future devastation, but do not make any repairs as that will hurt your claim. 

Vandalism insurance claim for business owners

Standard commercial insurance covers vandalism, rioting and civil commotion under two types of policies: ‘named perils’ and ‘all perils’. In essence, a ‘named’ perils’ insurance will only cover specific types of losses. If fire and vandalism are specified in your contract, then you are covered.

Alternatively, you can get an ‘all perils’ insurance, which covers vandalism and other types of business property losses. This way, in case your business is vandalized as a result of rioting or arson, the repair costs will be covered by your insurance.

Arson – insurance coverage

Arson is one type of vandalism that perhaps causes most damage. It is the deliberate setting of someone’s property on fire. Arson also includes other actions that start a fire, even though it is not intentional, such as fireworks.

Both standard homeowners and business owners insurance covers arson, especially if you have an ‘all perils’ policy. It is best to check with your insurance company directly and upgrade it accordingly ahead of time.

Vandalism and Arson Restoration in New York

If your property has suffered fire damage due to vandalism, it is best to contact the fire restoration professionals to help you clean up the debris.

We offer fire damage restoration services to bring your property back to its original state.

Once we finish restoring your home, we bill your insurance company directly. This way you can focus on getting your life back to normal while we take care of restoring your business or home. 

Our 24/7 Emergency Team is ready to assist you promptly to avoid any further damage.