Long Island Sewage Cleanup Services

Certified technicians available 24/7

iFlooded Restoration is always on hand to help recover your property and protect your health from sewage backups. Our team of fully certified technicians specializes in sewage backups and works 24/7 across Long Island.

We’ll always be there, whether you need us in the middle of the night or on a national holiday.

Long Island is a great place to live, but as with the rest of New York, it has its share of harsh winters, flooding, and even earthquakes. While these can cause property damage, people are often shocked at how serious a sewage backup can be. 

When a sewage backup impacts your property, acting quickly is essential. However, a quick response is just one element that defines whether your building and belongings will recover.

Trying to handle the situation on your own or hiring a substandard restoration company can worsen the problem and result in more expensive repairs. Contacting us can save you money and give you peace of mind.

Our IIRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) technicians are fully qualified to treat sewer backups, water damage, mold growth, and smoke damage throughout the Long Island and New York areas.

We pride ourselves on offering an extremely professional service that doesn’t just treat the problem but identifies the root cause and prevents it from happening again.

If you’ve ever experienced a sewage backup, you’ll know three things:

  • It stinks

  • It’s damaging to your health and home

  • It always outstays its welcome 

Sewage backups are one of the worst things a property – and its inhabitants – can go through. If you don’t get help straight away, the damage will only worsen, and remediation will be more expensive.

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Long Island Sewage Cleanup - The Process

Emergency services

As soon as you contact us, we’ll be at the scene as soon as possible. Upon arrival, our professionals will look at the damage and give you an estimate of the work involved and how much it will cost.

The first step of the sewage cleanup process is to remove any standing water and moisture. We use industry-grade tools for water extraction, enabling us to ensure the complete removal of any moisture.

After, we disinfect/bio-wash all the affected areas, and we’ll perform a proper inspection of the extent of your damage and document any losses, which will help you with your insurance claim.

Claim/Liaise with your insurance company

Our targeted remediation and restoration services include offering support when you claim on your insurance policy. We’ll liaise with your insurance company, ensuring the adjuster understands the extent of the damage. 

The drying process

Once we’re satisfied that we’ve removed any traces of bacteria from the affected area and sanitized your property, we’ll begin the drying process. It’s an essential step in any remediation job because moisture is a breeding ground for mold spores to grow, which leads to another potentially expensive issue.


Our certified professionals always go out of their way to recover your residential or commercial building, but it’s not always possible. You might have to dispose of some personal belongings and home furnishings because keeping them could lead to illnesses.

Raw sewage backups cause many problems, and while we work quickly and effectively, it’s not always possible to rescue everything. After all remediation and recovery work is complete, you can focus on rebuilding your business or house.

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    The causes of sewage backups

    Sewage backups can result from a natural disaster, but in many cases, they’re actually due to human error.

    Common sewage backup culprits include hair, sanitary items, and non-degradable wipes, so it’s always best to check the instructions on the package before disposing of something in the toilet. 

    The most common causes of issues with sewer lines include:

    Putting grease and oil down the drains

    Most sewage backups will occur because people put oil and grease down the drain. This usually occurs in a kitchen area, and avoiding pouring grease into the kitchen sink can prevent sewage issues.

    General structural problems

    Over time a pipe can corrode and even collapse, creating backups. Maintaining your pipes can reduce the risks of blockages, but sometimes it’s an inevitable part of general wear and tear.

    Tree roots obstructing the sewer line 

    You might not be aware that tree roots are another significant cause of sewer problems. It’s common for tree roots to grow and expand into the sewage pipes, which creates an obstruction. When sewage can’t flow freely through the lines, it begins to back up.

    Flushing sanitary items down the toilet

    There’s a reason many hygiene items advise people to always dispose of things in the trash instead of the toilet or sink; they cause blockages! 

    Malfunctioning appliances

    Leaking washing machines and dishwashers can also cause issues in your building. You should always get help as soon as you spot a leak, even if it’s just one or two drops of water.

    Damage from floods

    When Long Island suffers from flooding, it will usually cause issues in your basement. Severe floods that leak into your property will probably have some bacteria, which might contain dead animals and human waste.

    Delaying the sewage backup cleanup process can lead to worse issues in the future

    If your building suffers a sewage backup, you’ll notice a powerful odor, and leaving it means it will be harder for us to remove any lingering smells altogether. 

    The odor is just the surface of the problem because sewage backups can lead to potential health risks, property damage, and the loss of valuable heirlooms and personal belongings.

    Structural damage

    Treating issues with your sewer line immediately is the best way to reduce the risks of damage to your property. When you leave sewage, it will inevitably sink into your flooring and walls, which can compromise the structural integrity of your property.

    It’s also near impossible to remove sewage when it seeps into insulation materials and flooring, meaning a more expensive repair job.

    Loss of personal belongings and valuable items

    Personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, tech items, and business materials are difficult to save, especially when sewer water damages them. Whether your belongings have monetary or sentimental value, losing them can be heartbreaking.

    It is possible to save some items, but only if we treat them quickly. Some people have insurance that allows them to replace valuable belongings, but losing family photo albums or heirlooms from relatives can be more devastating than the sewage backup itself.

    Health hazards

    Sewer water can cause many diseases, and the bacteria can linger in your home and your belongings. The only way to avoid this is to ensure a combative sewage cleanup process that thoroughly sanitizes the property.

    If you don’t treat your backup properly, it can create significant health hazards for people and pets. The bacteria in sewage backup water can cause vomiting, severe diarrhea, chest infections, skin reactions, and a sore throat.

    In severe cases, you can even catch Hepatitis A and E.Coli infections. While both diseases cause pain and sickness, you can recover from them, but the symptoms of Hepatitis A can take months to disappear, and they can return in severe cases.

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    Michael BradyMichael Brady
    02:03 15 Mar 22
    iFlooded was extremely responsive and helpful in a stressful time. Alex was amazing to work with and I cannot thank him enough for all he did for us.
    Omar DonesOmar Dones
    00:32 08 Feb 22
    Owning a home is stressful enough, but when you come home to a flooded house after a vacation...omg! I just about lost it! But then I remembered a company that a friend had recommended a few months back. Thank goodness for IFR! The team was quick to respond and professional. Alex and his group took care of everything for me from beginning to end. Got you guys on speed dial! 🙂
    J. Hyun JoeJ. Hyun Joe
    03:41 01 Jan 22
    Brad and his team in iFlooded Restoration are very professional and remarkable in mold and fire restoration projects. As a licensed mold assessor in NY, I have worked with them in multiple projects for three years with their restoration works done. They have been caring their clients property professionally and jobs have been done punctually. One of the best things for me was an excellent communication between their team and me! I would highly recommend to try Brad and iFlooded for your stressful situation of mold and fire incidents. Big thumbs up!
    ashley armatoashley armato
    01:31 18 Dec 21
    We live in south babylon near the water. Our basement flooded out so we called these guys because of all the good reviews they had. They came the same night and pumped out the 2 feet of water. They dried my basement out .There crew did a great job sorting out my wet belongings so I could get reimbursed for the damaged goods i had in basement. They were very professional . I would highly recommend them , thank you brad for everything
    Albion MujaAlbion Muja
    12:54 14 Dec 21
    Best team!! They came and explained everything to me, so i went with them for my flooded basement. very professional and they made everything so smooth. Thank you again. Would highly highly recommend.

    Why choose our Long Island, NY sewage cleanup services?

    Whether it’s a problem with your plumbing system, a natural disaster, or a simple human error, we always respond to any emergency quickly.

    Finding a restoration company that offers emergency restoration services in Long Island shouldn’t be a challenge, and we make sure the whole cleanup job is headache-free.

    Here’s why so many people choose iFlooded Restoration.

    Highly dedicated team of professionals

    Raw sewage is a severe problem that can quickly spiral out of control. Acting immediately can be the difference between rescuing your property with minimal damage or extensive repairs that cost a fortune.

    You can reach our emergency services, Long Island team, using the 24/7 phone number. They’re always ready to respond, regardless of the day or time and our quick response to your emergency ensures a more effective and less financially damaging sewage cleanup service.

    We’re committed to your safety and survival

    It’s no secret that remediation services can be expensive, and that’s why so many residential and commercial properties have insurance. However, making a claim with your provider isn’t as easy as it should be.

    Our specialists always keep your best interest in mind when tackling any remediation job and will support you to make a claim and get the correct financial award.

    Honesty is our policy

    We’ve built a reputation as one of the most effective remediation companies in Long Island, NY, and the surrounding areas and attribute our success to the professionalism we approach every job with.

    As a team that’s dedicated to ensuring you get to recover your property and minimize any damage, we’re always honest about what we need to do and how much it will cost. There’s no overcharging here, and our client-first mentality is something we refuse to compromise on.

    The most advanced equipment

    When it comes to sewage cleanup, some people think they can tackle their sewer issues with general cleaning equipment, but this will most probably result in bacteria, mold spores, and structural damage to your property.

    Our certified technicians identify the damage and put a targeted plan in place, but the equipment ensures we leave no stone unturned. Industry-grade extraction, sanitization, and drying equipment offer the most effective results, and we update our equipment regularly.

    Get a free estimate

    If your property has sewer damage, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our rapid response team can minimize the damage already in your building and prevent it from spreading. 

    We offer all of our prospective clients free estimates and operate in Queens, Kings, Nassau, and the Suffolk Counties. If you’d like to book a consultation, please use the contact form or the emergency phone number.