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How to Prevent Mold Damage in Your Laundry Room


The key to preventing mold damage or growth in your laundry room is keeping it dry and clean. Even with the best prevention methods, you might still get mold in your home. If that happens, you need to call a professional mold removal team to help you dry and remove any signs of mold. Since moisture and a food source (like dirt or cellulose) are two main ingredients of mold formation, keeping them at a minimum is a must. Wash your laundry often, dry clothes straightaway, maintain your appliances, and even use a dehumidifier if possible.


How to prevent mold damage and growth in your laundry room:

Do your laundry frequently

The dirt or food left behind on your clothes can provide a great food source for mold to grow. Piles of laundry can attract humidity and lead to mold growth so do not let your dirty laundry stack up and sit out for too long.

Dry washed clothes immediately

Damp clothes can easily become musty and spread mold spores into the laundry room. Do not leave clothes sitting inside the washing machine for too long and avoid storing them in plastic.

Maintain the washer, dryer and other appliances

Your washer, dryer, and other machines need to be cleaned regularly. Follow the cleaning instructions in the manufacturer’s guide. Don’t let moisture and grime build up on your appliances!

Keep the washer as dry as possible and leave its lid open when not in use. Check for any leaky hoses. The hoses and connections must be attached properly.

Remove lint from the dryer frequently to allow moisture to escape through the vent. Removing lint also helps prevent the risk of dryer fires. In addition, make sure the dryer ventilation is being released directly outside.

Use a dehumidifier in the laundry room

This device helps control the amount of moisture in the air and helps prevent mold damage. If your laundry room is in the basement, control the temperature and moisture in the basement. Basements are a common space for mold growth as leaks and high humidity levels are frequent in this area. This is what causes mold on clothes in the basement.

Properly ventilate the laundry room

For instance, open doors and windows if there are any when the washer and dryer are running. Using a powered fan also helps.

Use silica gel packets

Silica gel packets you find in your purchases come in handy not just for keeping products packages dry. Place some silica gel packets in areas prone to mold growth.