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The Importance of a Mold Inspection Before Buying a Building


A mold inspection is a critical step for anyone considering a building purchase in New York City. Although this procedure can be expensive, it is necessary to uncover issues that may result from a mold problem.
A lack of visible mold does not mean that it is absent in a building. Although every structure has some mold, its isolation is crucial to containment. Excessive moisture is the primary cause of mold growth, and spores may live in various areas of a commercial building:

Spaces behind drywall
Areas beneath floorboards
HVAC ductwork
Pipes and plumbing

Determining the reason for lingering moisture is vital to a successful mold inspection.

Roof Leaks
Buildings in regions prone to severe weather can experience cracks, holes and other damage that allows water from rain and melting snow or ice to seep inside where it can breed mold. A thorough inspection can detect spore colonies in ceilings and walls and may reveal an inadequately maintained roof.

Plumbing Problems
Faulty pipes are a common source of water damage. Sometimes leaks deep within a building’s structure go unnoticed until they lead to paint chipping and brown spots on ceilings and walls, visible leaks or buckling floors. Potential building purchasers should consider that structures with extensive and complicated plumbing systems that require repair or replacement may make a purchase cost-prohibitive.

Inadequate Flood Drying
A building located in a flood zone may be particularly vulnerable to a mold problem when cleanup measures are insufficient. Buildings subjected to floods may require a professional flood restoration team to perform water extraction. Without sufficient drying, moisture that remains in the environment can produce mold spores that penetrate the air and quickly migrate to invisible spaces deep within the complex. An inspection can determine the effects of lingering moisture following a flood and alert potential building buyers about the need for costly commercial mold remediation services.

Part of the mandatory due diligence necessary for anyone contemplating a commercial building acquisition in New York should include a mold inspection to avoid future problems.