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Smoke Damage Restoration in NY

With over 30 years of experience in the restoration industry, our team of licensed technicians has the knowledge and equipment to bring your home back to normal.

We use cutting-edge equipment to dry your house in the aftermath of a fire and immediately begin the fire restoration process. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to fire, as any delay can cause further damage to your home’s structure and put your life at risk. Our Emergency Team is available 24/7 to handle any type of fire damage and begin the smoke damage restoration process immediately.

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If you have experienced a fire and need smoke damage restoration but you are not sure how much this will cost you, we are there for you. Our team is ready 24/7 to investigate the damage and offer you a free estimate of how much the smoke and soot cleanup will cost.

In case this is a covered damage, we bill your insurance company directly, so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Our mission is to create a safe environment for you to return to.

Michael BradyMichael Brady
02:03 15 Mar 22
iFlooded was extremely responsive and helpful in a stressful time. Alex was amazing to work with and I cannot thank him enough for all he did for us.
Omar DonesOmar Dones
00:32 08 Feb 22
Owning a home is stressful enough, but when you come home to a flooded house after a vacation...omg! I just about lost it! But then I remembered a company that a friend had recommended a few months back. Thank goodness for IFR! The team was quick to respond and professional. Alex and his group took care of everything for me from beginning to end. Got you guys on speed dial! 🙂
J. Hyun JoeJ. Hyun Joe
03:41 01 Jan 22
Brad and his team in iFlooded Restoration are very professional and remarkable in mold and fire restoration projects. As a licensed mold assessor in NY, I have worked with them in multiple projects for three years with their restoration works done. They have been caring their clients property professionally and jobs have been done punctually. One of the best things for me was an excellent communication between their team and me! I would highly recommend to try Brad and iFlooded for your stressful situation of mold and fire incidents. Big thumbs up!
ashley armatoashley armato
01:31 18 Dec 21
We live in south babylon near the water. Our basement flooded out so we called these guys because of all the good reviews they had. They came the same night and pumped out the 2 feet of water. They dried my basement out .There crew did a great job sorting out my wet belongings so I could get reimbursed for the damaged goods i had in basement. They were very professional . I would highly recommend them , thank you brad for everything
Albion MujaAlbion Muja
12:54 14 Dec 21
Best team!! They came and explained everything to me, so i went with them for my flooded basement. very professional and they made everything so smooth. Thank you again. Would highly highly recommend.

Importance of Smoke Damage Restoration After a Fire

Smoke damage restoration after a fire is extremely important for several reasons. The restoration process includes cleaning up the structural damage caused by the fire itself, as well as removing contaminants that have made their way into your home after it has been exposed to smoke damage. When there has been a fire in your home, you should not try to clean up or remove any contamination yourself because it can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.

Repairing the damaged spaces often must start as soon as possible after a fire to minimize further environmental impact on surrounding areas. The longer these soot deposits remain in place, the harder they are to remove. Therefore, you or your restoration company needs to act as soon as possible by removing soot and smoke damage from the air, walls, floors, and contents of your home or office.

Smoke also contains chemicals that are dangerous to breathe in. For example, carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde come from burning materials such as carpets and furniture. Carbon monoxide gas may also be present in the air of your home if it is exposed to smoke. Asbestos is another material commonly found in homes that can cause serious illness and diseases if it is disturbed. Finally, bacteria and mold can also grow in your home after being exposed to fire damage and the water and chemicals used in extinguishing.

IICRC Fire & Smoke Licensed Technicians 

Our IICRC Fire & Smoke Licensed Technicians will arrive promptly to your home or business

Smoke Damage Cleanup Process

Fire damage restoration includes many steps, often beginning with an initial inspection of the fire scene to determine the extent of the damage.

Crews are responsible for removing damaged property, cleaning furniture and personal belongings, handling “hot spots”  that require special attention after the job is finished. We also dry walls, ceilings, and other surfaces affected by water.

It can take several days for our crew to complete fire and smoke damage restoration work, depending on the size of the facility being restored. We have several stages of cleaning:

  1. Removal of excess water: Completely dry the water used by the Fire Department to put out the fire to avoid mold growth.
  2. Cleanup: This includes removing any soot or ashes from the surface, as well as any traces of smoke or odor. Cleaning the affected areas will help reduce the amount of damage that needs to be repaired later on.
  3. Disinfecting/Sanitizing (using bio-friendly chemicals).
  4. Drying (extraction via air movers, plus fans & dehumidifiers)
  5.  Repairs (patching holes in walls & ceilings, etc.; performed as needed)
  6. Restoration (painting walls and replacing flooring, carpets, or other building materials affected by the smoke; performed as needed).
  7. Return Furniture And Personal Belongings. We restore all personal items to their original condition.

Why Do You Need Smoke Remediation?

Our Fire Restoration professionals have the knowledge and tools to handle any type of fire damage and make sure your home is back to normal. We ensure that your home is a safe and healthy environment for you and your family before you move back in. Here is why you need our professional smoke restoration services:

Soot Affects Electronics

Smoke damage can affect electronics adversely by tampering with the heat-producing part of the device. The presence of smoke in electronic devices can lead to short-circuiting. Different types of soot and smoke require different cleanup methods.

You don’t want to add the replacement of electronics to your losses in addition to those from the fire damage. A professional fire damage restoration team guarantees the right remedies for all issues.

Difficult to Find Smoke Damage in Some Areas

Detecting smoke damage in areas like ceiling fixtures, cabinets, and HVAC systems is difficult. You need professionals who use specialized tools to find smoke residues anywhere.

Difficult to Remove Smoke Odor in Large Square Footage

Simple odor removing products and removal tactics like using a vacuum cleaner and agents like baking soda and white vinegar will work for a limited surface area. However, you need methods like ozone treatment and thermal fogging to completely eliminate the unpleasant odor with large square footage.

Health Risks

Soot poses various health risks, so it’s best to avoid any kind of contact. It’s associated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which can cause DNA mutations and cancer. If children with asthma inhale soot, they risk the chance of permanently damaging their lungs. Given the list of health risks associated with soot, it’s advisable to seek experts for your restoration needs.

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    How Much Does Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration Cost?

    The average restoration cost after smoke damage ranges between $250-$1500. At the same time, soot damages cost $400-$1700. However, the prices range depending on the specific cleaning needs, the items covered in your home insurance policy. For example, some insurance policies don’t cover the use of an ozone generator for ozone treatment or thermal fogging.

    Does Home Insurance Cover Smoke Damage Restoration?

    The average homeowner’s insurance policy (HO-3 insurance) will cover fire and smoke damage to your home. However, the process of filing a claim may differ depending on your insurer.

    Can Smoke Damage Be Fixed?

    Many homeowners struggle with smoke damage because they think it’s a permanent issue. However, you can fix smoke damage. The smoke damage remediation process depends on the extent of the soot on the building and the material composition of surfaces.

    Fire and Smoke Damage Clean Up Services

    You may be asking, “What is smoke damage restoration?” Smoke damage restoration is the proper cleaning of a property that has been exposed to fire or smoke damage.

    Smoke damage can be a large task on its own. Add water into that and you may need to call in a professional. What causes smoke damage? A few examples are faulty chimneys, chimney fires, electronics catching fire, cigarettes & cigars catching alight in wastepaper baskets, curtains catching alight, accidental fires caused by cooking equipment, etc. Whether it is a small fire such as a kitchen fire, an electrical fire, a space heater fire, or your entire home getting caught in the flames, you will most certainly experience residual soot and smoke damage.

    After the fire is taken care of, it’s time to get rid of smoke damage. Smoke leaves behind soot and other residues that can cause significant damage if left unchecked. It can stain walls, furniture, carpets, and other surfaces. A Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Company takes away all items that have been damaged by smoke. They also remove residue from many different surfaces using advanced techniques. These techniques enable them to remove heavy smoke grime without causing further damage to your home or belongings.

    iFlooded Restoration is a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who have the qualifications, skills, and equipment to undertake all forms of smoke damage repairs. Call us for a Free Estimate. We will perform a free assessment and walk you through the recommended next steps.

    Removing the Life-Threatening Smoke Odors

    It is highly important to begin the restoration process as soon as possible. After a fire, the soot and smoke remain suspended in the air. Although invisible to the naked eye, the volatile organic compounds in the air can cause serious respiratory issues. Prolonged exposure to soot and smoke can cause cancer.

    Our team uses specialized equipment to clear the air and remove any potential health hazard before you move back in. We use both ozone generators and thermal fogging to ensure that we completely get rid of the lingering smoke odors after fire damage. We could also use the powdered form of activated charcoal, which is a natural odor absorber, to remove smoke odor from the house.

    Cleaning Up Soot and Smoke Damage

    The cleaning process starts with carefully removing damaged objects and personal possessions. Once we remove the damaged items, we embark on cleaning to fix the place back to its pre-loss condition.

    Water Damage Clean Up

    In cases where the fire triggered the water sprinklers, the water could have caused extensive water damage. Like fire damage, water damage can cause great harm to structures and people. If the water damage clean-up isn’t done properly, you face the risk of mold growth. Our professionals have the experience and proper equipment to dry up the affected areas completely.

    Salvaging and Restoring Structures

    After a house fire, there’s a lot of damage to building materials and other structures in the house. We assess the state of structures to determine whether they are salvageable and repair them. Where the fire damage is extensive, we replace the structures.

    We help you determine which items are unsalvageable and document them so that you can lay claims later, depending on your insurance policy.

    Why choose iFlooded Restoration?

    After a fire outbreak, you need to clean soot damage. Whether the fire only affected one room or a larger section of the house, you need to clean the smoke residue. Although the fire’s epicenter has the most soot residue, smoke and soot particles travel through the air to other parts of the house even after putting out the fire.

    We provide 24/7 emergency services to help you start the cleaning process and avoid the health risks associated with smoke damage. At iFlooded, we understand that fire outbreaks don’t give time notice, and so we are available at your hour of need. No need to wait to clean smoke damage; we’ll show up when you need us.

    Our smoke cleanup and fire damage restoration specialists have handled so many cases over the years. Their experience makes us the best in the industry to handle any case of fire damage restoration or elimination of unpleasant odors. No matter how complex or large the area affected is, we’ve got you covered.

    The aftermath of fire damage is stressful enough, so we take away the hassle of dealing with the insurance company from you. Once the firefighters finish their role in stopping the fire, we ensure that we document and handle all the insurance billing ourselves. You don’t have to worry about making claims; call us to help you fast-track your home or business restoration process.

    What To Do After Smoke Damage

    Assess the Situation

    Before trying to remediate smoke damage, you first need to have a clear picture of the situation. The type of fire that caused the damage determines the residue present and the kind of smoke and soot cleaner needed.

    If it is a high-oxygen fire, it will produce dry soot, which needs a dry cleaning sponge to clean. A low-oxygen fire produces wet or greasy soot requiring detergent and warm water to wash walls and other surfaces.

    Detecting soot residue after kitchen fires is difficult, so you might need to remove kitchen furniture and electrical appliances to clean up. Correctly assessing the situation guides your cleaning process.

    Ensure Safety

    Soot has acids and chemicals that are toxic and can cause harm should they come into contact with humans. Inhaling soot can especially be catastrophic for people with existing respiratory health issues. Other common health issues associated with soot include asthma, skin and eye irritation.

    Following the health risks of soot damage, you need to protect your eyes and wear rubber gloves to avoid contact. While most homeowners feel like they can deal with soot remediation on their own when the fire incident was small, these health risks necessitate the use of a professional team to help with the restoration.

    Start the Remediation Process as Soon as Possible

    When it comes to cleaning up soot, time is of the essence. Depending on the material of the surface, permanent soot stains can form within minutes of contact. Plastics and marble objects get soot stains the fastest, and painted walls also turn yellow due to acidity in soot.

    While it may take longer for soot damage to cause permanent changes in other types of materials, the restoration costs increase significantly the longer you take to start the process. You also need to ensure that you clean everything properly.

    Preventive Measures

    It is advisable to consider safety measures such as having working smoke detectors installed on each building floor and keeping fire extinguishers easily accessible. Additionally, professional maintenance staff should regularly inspect ignition sources such as pilot lights or electric wiring. 

    What Not To Do After Fire and Smoke Damage

    If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with post-fire contamination, below are tips to help guide you regarding what not to do.

    Don’t attempt to use electrical appliances until professionals allow you.

    Don’t enter the building after fire damage unless you have the green light from experts in the restoration industry.

    Don’t attempt to conduct the remediation on your own; wait for the specialists to clean smoke damage.

    What are the Health Risks of Living in a Soot and Smoke Damaged House?

    Soot is a product of incomplete combustion composed mainly of amorphous carbon particles. When inhaled, it can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis. 

    Individuals who are exposed to soot regularly have been shown to have significantly higher incidences of cancers of the mouth, nasal cavity, and peritoneum. Some studies have also suggested increased risks for other internal organs such as brain, colon, stomach, and prostate cancer.

    Cancer is not the only threat of soot particles. A person may experience skin irritation after touching this residue as it has been linked with allergic reactions in some individuals.

    Smoke and residual soot particles are dangerous for your health. Suppose you’re trying to reduce any smoke exposure in your home. In that case, it’s best to hire a professional cleaning company that specializes in environmental restoration because you could be exposing yourself and your family to more hazardous particles if using the wrong method.




    We Help Recover After the Following Fire Damage Situations:

    salvaged after a house fire

    Salvaged After a House Fire

    Fire departments respond to 354,400 homes affected by fire each year. Property damages are an estimated $6.9 billion each year. Fires and smoke destroy everything it consumes, and it seems like there’s no choice but to search for a new residence. Restoration companies like iFlooded Restoration assist homeowners after fire-related events.

    Boiler Puffback

    A boiler puff back happens when the heating system is poorly ventilated or clogged. This causes the oil vapor to build up before ignition and can lead to a minor explosion and fire. A boiler puff back releases a lot of smoke and soot that can cause health complications. Boiler puff backs are very dangerous, so you need to call in a licensed restoration company to help you handle them. The company will use the right tools and equipment to clean up any soot, odor, and smoke that can cause severe respiratory problems for you in the long run.

    smoke damage electronics

    Smoke Damage Electronics

    After a fire, smoke and soot remain in the house. From belongings to the home’s structure, it damages everything it touches. The EPA believes the air quality in the home is at risk, regardless of trying many DIY cleaning tips to remove it. Therefore, it’s important to lean on a smoke and soot restoration company to remove the harmful properties from further damage.