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If your home or business in the Tri-State Area has experienced wind damage during an extreme weather event, get in touch with the damage repair experts at iFlooded Restoration today.

At iFlooded Restoration we provide peace of mind by helping you get your home or business premises back to their pre loss condition. Get help now and we will be by your side throughout the entire process.

Our professional restoration team has over 30 years experience of dealing with the fallout from severe weather. We know what damage winds can cause, and we know what restoration services you need to get your property back to its original condition.

If you have sustained damages due to a storm it is crucial that you get an inspection of your property and have any damage properly addressed as soon as possible.

Rapid Wind Damage Repair in New York

Our wind damage restoration services include:

  • 24/7 Immediate response

  • 30+ Years' experience in restoration

  • Direct insurance billing

  • IICRC Licensed Technicians

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What to do if your house is damaged by a wind storm

  • Assess the damage in daylight hours.
  • Take note of secondary damage caused by the storm, such as water damage caused by a broken pipe.
  • Contact a local restoration company to repair the damage.
  • Contact your insurance company. At iFlooded Restoration we handle this for you.

Restoring & Repairing Wind Storm Damage

1. Emergency services

2. File a claim

3. Dry the property

4. Rebuild

Wind Storm Repair Process

Storm damage restoration is more than simply replacing a broken window, or repairing a damaged roof. Storm damage can cause lasting consequences such as water ingress, mold growth and poor air quality.

While strong winds can happen suddenly, wreaking untold chaos, their damage can also be repaired quickly by calling a reputable storm damage repair and restoration contractor.

If your home or business property has been damaged by wind storms, it’s essential you contact a reputable restoration company such as iFlooded Restoration, as soon as possible for an immediate disaster response.

In addition to having expertise in repairing wind damage to homes and businesses, we also have expertise in working with insurance companies. We can get your claims processed quickly so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

The earlier you call us, the better able we are to provide you with thorough recovery services, ensuring your property is both structurally sound and safe to live in.

1. Emergency services

We all know the danger wind storms pose and the damage they can leave in their wake. As soon as you call us, we will come to you to assess the damage and where possible, reduce further exposure to danger.

Bear in mind there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to repairing your property following a storm. We will conduct a free inspection of your damage and walk you through the recommended next steps to get your home or business back up and running again. If necessary, we will take steps to prevent your property from being damaged further.

It might mean we board up your property, or reinforce your windows or doors to prevent damage worsening. If you have fallen trees, broken branches, or any other storm detritus, we will clear it up, just in case.

At the same time we will document every detail of the damage and the necessary repairs for insurance purposes. Finally, we will create a disaster recovery action plan to restore and repair your building, and we will liaise with your insurance provider on your behalf.

2. File a claim

Most policy providers cover wind damage under a standard homeowners policy. Check your business insurance provider just in case. We will help you fill out your claim, as well as set up an onsite visit at your property with your insurance company.

Our licensed technicians will document all the damage and necessary repairs, so that it’s easier to process your insurance claim. As an aside, we can partner with insurance firms, ensuring your claim is processed seamlessly.

3. Dry your property

With the emergency response in place and your claim being processed, we then turn our attention to drying your property. The drying process will depend on the extent of the flooding damage.

Rest assured, our industry-standard equipment is capable of drying out any size building, making sure every item is properly dry and your home doesn’t retain any moisture.

If your building is left damp, it can trigger mold growth in just 24 hours. As such, we will begin drying your home as soon as we can, however, the process can take anywhere between 2 days to a week, depending on your particular situation.

4. Rebuild

After drying everything out, we will finally turn our attention to rebuilding and restoring what has been damaged. We are incredibly well equipped to tackle all repairs you might need so you don’t have to outsource any repair services.

From fixing a leaky pipe, to repairing a water damaged ceiling, restoring a broken window or a front porch, carrying out roof repairs, tackling flood damage, and mold remediation. Anything that got destroyed by the high winds will get rebuilt or repaired. Restoration of the interior may be needed too, including drywall, insulation, and paint.



What is wind storm damage?

Weather patterns in many parts of the country are becoming more and more extreme and violent, resulting in more instances of wind storm damage to homes and businesses.

During a storm, the strong winds can wreak havoc on a property. From broken windows to a fallen tree through a roof, even flood damage; severe weather events can take their toll on any property.

High winds can tear through a building, finding every improperly secured structure, ripping it up and causing construction defects. Hurricanes, for example, will whip up everything not secured to the ground, battering buildings with wind borne debris.

More often than not, strong storms bring with them heavy rains or hail too. And if your house has been damaged by the wind, the wet weather will likely cause further damage to your property including water damage which can lead to mold growth.

Typical Storm Damage Scenarios

What types of damage can wind cause?

Wind damage can be sustained to almost any part of your property, however the most common places we see wind damage is the roof and windows.

Damage to roof

Your roof provides a first line defense against wind and storm damage – even new built homes can sustain damage during fierce storms.

The thing with wind is that it won’t have been blowing across your roof uniformly, meaning some areas of the roof will be more susceptible to damage than others.

Corners and the edge of your roof are more likely to have suffered damage than the center.

Signs of damage to your roof caused by the wind can include missing shingles, damaged gutters, water in your attic, leaks or flooding, even broken windows.

Structural damage

High winds can cause doors and windows to collapse, they can rip roofing off, and destroy gable end walls. Wind exerts three types of forces on a building structure:

  1. Uplift load – this is when the wind flow pressure causes a lifting effect, like air beneath an airplane’s wings. If wind gets under a roof, it will push upwards, and the wind flowing over the roof will pull upward too.

  2. Shear load – horizontal wind pressure can make a building tilt.

  3. Lateral load – horizontal wind pushing and pulling on a building can slide the structure off its foundations.

wind damage



How can I protect my home from wind damage?

With more frequent severe weather, you need to take steps to prevent wind damage and protect your home.

For example:

  • Secure outdoor furniture, sheds, even fence posts. High winds can pick up anything, turning it into a missile. Bring in anything that the wind might whip up and turn into a projectile – kids’ toys, flower pots, even your trashcan.

  • Install a reinforced garage door if you can. Reinforce areas that are susceptible to damage, for example, garage doors. If the wind gets into your garage it can create a high pressure situation which in turn can damage your roof. Reinforce your garage door with a brace, or if it’s old, replace it.

  • Keep trees properly trimmed and remove any old boughs. Regularly rake up gardening waste too.

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