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The damage and chaos that a storm can unleash can be devastating. After setting up your business or buying your dream house, the last thing you’d expect is to have a storm damage your premises and undo all your effort. Although the storm itself is over in a matter of hours, the effects can last for weeks, if not longer. You’ll need to deal with all kinds of issues—from preventing mold growth from water damage to repairing structural problems caused by high winds or excessive rain. This is where we come in! We offer expert, eco-friendly restoration services that you can depend on to get your home or business back into shape after the storm has passed. We can handle any type of damage restoration for you—from fire damage restoration and water damage repair to mold removal and more.

We have extensive training in all aspects of restoration, and we use the latest tools and techniques to fix your property back up as good as new. We’ll start by assessing your situation—this is a crucial step in planning our next course of action, which will vary depending on precisely what has happened to your home or business. After that, we can repair the damage and restore it to its original shape. This experience, combined with the right tools and equipment, allows us to provide effective and affordable restoration services for your property. Our team is always ready to help you!

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Storm Damage and the Restoration Process

Storm Damage

When Mother Nature decides to strike, she can wreak immeasurable havoc. Hundreds of businesses and homes worldwide are destroyed annually by blizzards, hurricanes, or even hail storms. Victims of storm or wind damage find fallen trees, debris, destroyed roofs, and structural damage on their property. With this kind of damage, you can also expect to find water damage on the premises.

Winter storms leave an aftermath of ice dams, frozen pipes, and roof damage. When the snow melts unevenly on the roof, it freezes again near the roof’s eaves, forming an ice dam. Ice damming prevents any other melted snow from falling off the roof.

The standing water becomes a problem for your ceiling, wall, roof shingles, and even the gutters. Additionally, the frequent freezing and unfreezing of snow and ice on the roof causes the enlarging of cracks on the roof.

Storm Damage Restoration Process

1. Emergency services

We all know the kind of danger storms pose and the damage that they leave behind. Once you call us, the first step is to reduce further exposure to danger. This entails boarding up your property or reinforcing your windows and doors to prevent further damage. In case you have fallen trees, broken tree branches, and such debris, we clear it up.

The next step is to extract any water that can cause damage and make sure that we prevent mold growth. We document every detail of the storm damage repairs for insurance purposes. We then stabilize the environment by using drying equipment.

2. File a claim

Having a storm insurance policy takes away the stress of dealing with storm damage. We help you fill out your claim and then set up an onsite visit of your property with a representative from the insurance company. Our team of licensed technicians helps with the documentation of the damage and restoration so that it’s easier to process your insurance claim. Additionally, we partner with several insurance firms, which makes processing those claims much more seamless.

3. Dry the property

Now that we have the emergency response and claim covered, it’s time to dry up your property. The drying up process depends on the extent of the water and wind damage. We use our industry-standard equipment to ensure that every item is properly dry and your structures don’t retain any moisture that can trigger mold growth in your property. The process can take anywhere between 2 days to a week, depending on the situation.

4. Rebuild

After making sure that everything is dry, it’s now time to rebuild. Storm damage restoration services companies are well equipped to handle all the repairs so that you don’t have to outsource. From fixing the leaking ceiling to a broken window or a porch that got destroyed in the storm- your property will be back in the habitable condition it was before in no time.

Types of Storm Damages

There are many different types of storm damages. The most common:

wind damage

1. Windstorm

This is a term typically used to refer to all kinds of storms that develop due to strong winds, including tropical cyclones (e.g., hurricanes and typhoons), nor’easters, and tornadoes. Windstorms can cause roof damage to homes, which may lead to water damage inside the house. Winds can also cause trees and other structures to collapse

Water Damage

2. Water Damage

Caused by heavy rain, snow/ ice, or floodwaters that result in large amounts of water entering homes and businesses.


3. Hail Storm Damage

This type of damage is caused by large chunks of ice falling from the sky, often resulting from extreme weather conditions. These hailstorms cause roof damage to houses and other structures.

snow storm roof damage

4. Winter Storm Damage

This type of damage is caused by severe winter weather conditions. Winter storms, accompanied by heavy snow and ice accumulation, can cause water to enter homes through structures that have not been adequately reinforced.

tree damaging home

5. Tree Damage

These damages are caused by hardwood trees falling or being damaged due to storms.  These trees can fall on homes and cause property damage.



IICRC Storm Damage Licensed Technicians 

Our IICRC Storm Damage licensed technicians will arrive promptly to your home or business


Typical Storm Damage Scenarios

Why Choose iFlooded Restoration?

Storm damage can be extensive, and it’s vital that you get a professional evaluation from licensed NYC Storm Damage Restoration services. We ensure that your property is returned to pre-storm condition with minimal disruption. This process will not only leave your property cleaner than before the storm but healthy as well! You can also rest assured that our technicians are adequately trained in any potential area of restoration that may be needed. We will work around your busy schedule to complete the task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here’s why iFlooded Restoration should be the storm damage restoration company of choice.

24/7 Emergency Response

Regardless of the time and location that the storm hits you, you can contact us. We have our team of capable technicians ready to provide you the services you require in your time of need. We will come to you and quickly assess the damage. Our priority will be to ensure that you are safe from further damage by reinforcing the weak structures and carrying out a storm damage cleanup that involves clearing standing water that could cause damage and debris. Throughout the emergency, we document everything for your insurance claim afterward.

30+ Years Restoration Experience

We’ve been in the industry for over three decades, so you can trust that we’ve seen it all. In addition to having a trained team, the experience over the course of years puts us in an excellent position to handle small, large, simple, and complex storm damage situations. Just like you choose experienced professionals for other aspects of your life, you want to choose a storm damage restoration company with proven experience.

Licensed Technicians

iFlooded contracts technicians licensed by the IICRC, so you are guaranteed that they know how to conduct the restoration in accordance with the safety guidelines. They are well-versed with all the processes involved in getting your household back up and running after a storm.

Direct Insurance Billing

The last thing you want after dealing with a storm or wind damage is to follow up with your insurance. We know you’re already in disarray, so we take care of the insurance billing ourselves. Further, you don’t have to worry about your choice of insurer because we deal with several insurance companies. All you need to do is fill in the claim, and we set up the onsite visit with the insurance company, provide documentation, and bill the insurance company directly.

Wondering What to Do if Your House Is Damaged in a Storm?

The first step is to check and assess the state of your home. Look out for alerts from your state authorities to make sure that your area is safe. You have to be careful while conducting your assessment because there could be shattered glass and damaged structures that could fall on you.

You also need to carry out the assessment during the day when there’s natural light because turning the power on while there’s still water from the storm can cause a disaster. Be careful when using fire as well because there could be a gas leak from a damaged pipe.

You need to ensure that you prevent further damage, so you need to call a restoration company. Since you’ll need to pay for the restoration, you also need to call your insurance company. As you wait for the professionals to handle the damage, stay safe and avoid doing anything that could worsen the damage.

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