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If you’re dealing with a sewage backup, you need to act quickly and ensure the damage doesn’t get worse. Our sewer backup remediation works quickly and combatively to get your home or business back to normal – as soon as possible.

We understand that dealing with a sewage backup can be a stressful and challenging experience, and that’s why we’re here to help. As certified remediation specialists, we always work quickly and efficiently to restore your property, and we’ll make sure that everything is clean and safe before we leave.

Leaving the problem to worsen will only result in expensive repairs, and in severe cases – your house/commercial building might become uninhabitable.

Our service includes:

  • 24/7 emergency services: We’re always there when you need us, no matter the time of day.

  • Effective cleanup team: Our technicians use professional equipment to ensure swift sewage removal and cleanup.

  • Bespoke pricing: We charge based on each client, ensuring you get the best value for money. Each customer also receives a 100% free estimate before the work begins.



Bronx Sewage Cleanup - The Process

Our sewage backup remediation services are designed to deal with the problem immediately and prevent further damage. With a team of experts, we always go out of our way to offer a cost-effective service that causes minimal disruption.

When we attend to your property, we follow a step-by-step process, guaranteeing you have the best chance of reducing potential losses and recovering your belongings.

We understand the unique challenges of each type of disaster, and we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right.

Emergency services

The first step is to visit your location and evaluate the cause of the damage. For example, it might be a broken sewer line (a common problem) or boarding up your windows to prevent further water damage.

We’ll immediately remove any standing water from the rooms and use special extraction tools to prevent mold growth.

If mold spores are already growing, we’ll perform removal services to prevent further growth and reduce the risks of health issues.

Insurance claim

As a full-service remediation company, we’ll meet with your insurance provider on-site to discuss the damage, justify the repair cost, and explain our quote.

Drying the property

After the initial cleanup, we use special equipment to dry your commercial or residential building thoroughly. Our professional team of technicians works efficiently and can usually complete the drying process in 48 hours or one week, depending on the extent of the damage.


Once the remediation job is complete, you can return to everyday life. We always try to salvage your personal belongings, but this isn’t possible in some cases.

You might have to dispose of your carpet, soft furnishings, and other items, but we will let you know if that’s the case and go out of our way to repair your building.

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    The leading causes of a sewage backup

    A sewer backup can be devastating, causing extensive damage to your home and possessions. But in most cases, it’s completely avoidable! When water cannot flow freely through the sewage line, it causes it to become blocked, which pushes the water back into your home.

    However, many sewage backups are down to human error, with the most common causes being:

    • Flushing away sanitary items, wet wipes, and anything other than toilet roll (this can lead to leaks and is also known as black water).

    • Pouring grease down the sink.

    • Failing to maintain kitchen appliances.

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    While you can prevent these backups from happening, storms and floods will also increase your risk of sewage problems. If a storm damages your roof and windows, it’s easy for water to enter through them, and this water could have contaminants.

    Trees can also penetrate pipe and sewer lines, resulting in raw sewage flooding into a property’s basement or other areas.

    With so many opportunities for water damage, it’s essential to take extra steps to protect your building and get help as soon as you notice a sewage backup.

    The risks of raw sewage on your home and health

    Raw sewage is a severe health hazard as it contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause serious illnesses, including gastroenteritis and hepatitis.

    Even small amounts of sewage can lead to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can prove fatal in extreme cases.

    Both humans and animals can be susceptible to sewage, and its risks expand further than stomach issues.

    If you have a cut on your skin and come into contact with sewage water, you can also develop an infection, and many people also experience cold-like symptoms.

    Businesses can also put their customers at risk, so it’s essential to deal with sewage backups immediately.

    24/7 Emergency Restoration Services in The Bronx

    Recovering from a natural disaster can be long and challenging, but working with the right restoration company can make all the difference.

    At iFlooded Restoration, we have years of experience helping property owners in New York City and the surrounding areas recover from sewage backups, floods, fires, and other catastrophic events.

    With a wide range of services, from water extraction and mold remediation to complete reconstruction, you can rest assured that we’ll do an excellent job.

    As a company that takes care of everything from remediation to cleaning and restoration, you can take advantage of our effective services. Leaving the situation to worsen will only result in a more expensive restoration job, so please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

    We look forward to explaining how our services work and providing you with a zero-obligation quote so you can get back to daily life as soon as possible.

    Michael BradyMichael Brady
    02:03 15 Mar 22
    iFlooded was extremely responsive and helpful in a stressful time. Alex was amazing to work with and I cannot thank him enough for all he did for us.
    Omar DonesOmar Dones
    00:32 08 Feb 22
    Owning a home is stressful enough, but when you come home to a flooded house after a vacation...omg! I just about lost it! But then I remembered a company that a friend had recommended a few months back. Thank goodness for IFR! The team was quick to respond and professional. Alex and his group took care of everything for me from beginning to end. Got you guys on speed dial! 🙂
    J. Hyun JoeJ. Hyun Joe
    03:41 01 Jan 22
    Brad and his team in iFlooded Restoration are very professional and remarkable in mold and fire restoration projects. As a licensed mold assessor in NY, I have worked with them in multiple projects for three years with their restoration works done. They have been caring their clients property professionally and jobs have been done punctually. One of the best things for me was an excellent communication between their team and me! I would highly recommend to try Brad and iFlooded for your stressful situation of mold and fire incidents. Big thumbs up!
    ashley armatoashley armato
    01:31 18 Dec 21
    We live in south babylon near the water. Our basement flooded out so we called these guys because of all the good reviews they had. They came the same night and pumped out the 2 feet of water. They dried my basement out .There crew did a great job sorting out my wet belongings so I could get reimbursed for the damaged goods i had in basement. They were very professional . I would highly recommend them , thank you brad for everything
    Albion MujaAlbion Muja
    12:54 14 Dec 21
    Best team!! They came and explained everything to me, so i went with them for my flooded basement. very professional and they made everything so smooth. Thank you again. Would highly highly recommend.