The Signs Of A Roof Leak And How To Fix It

Whether it’s security risks, the potential for appliance leaks, or living in an area with flooding hazards, all properties have some associated risks. As a property owner, you’ll want to protect your home from potential damage and take steps to fix any issues immediately. Roof leaks are one of the most common property problems and […]

How to Spot + Fix Drywall Water Damage

Dealing With Drywall Water Damage? Here’s How To Fix It With its volatile climate and notoriously cold, rainy winters, New York properties see their fair share of issues. Property owners know there’s always a risk of damage – but a speedy response can prevent further problems and recover your property. Drywall water damage is one […]

Is Your HVAC Leaking

Here’s Why & How You Can Fix It The warmer seasons mean we can enjoy ice-cold drinks and take advantage of the sunshine. But summer also means it’s time for our air conditioners to jump into action and provide us with their much-needed cooling functionality. Unfortunately, HVAC units can break when they work overtime, and […]

3 Tips To Dry Water Damage Faster

As soon as water damage occurs, a commercial building owner or manager should focus on stopping the flow and promoting drying. If clean, treated water from a supply line is the cause, drying may be sufficient. Disinfection may be necessary for contaminated water damage. Here are three water damage tips to promote speedy drying at […]

Why You Should Inspect Your Ceiling Tile

Tile mold and color changes on your office ceiling may be due to various issues. Among the most common are the following. Leaky Roof Severe weather can compromise your roof and cause leaks that affect your interior ceiling. Weather-related water damage is frequently a consequence of: Sun exposure that cracks shingles Hail that dislodges or […]

Signs of a clogged drain

clogged drain

Clogged drains are some of the most common issues a plumber deals with. While it is usually a quick fix, a clogged drain can sometimes hide more serious problems. When left unattended, it can quickly turn into a water damage issue, as the water infiltrates in your floors, walls, furniture and belongings. Look out for […]

The Dangers of Floodwater

the dangers of floodwater

Floodwater damages the home and affects your health because of what it carries. According to the CDC, floodwater carries debris, trash, human waste, animal waste, ash, glass, chemicals, and hazardous materials. It carries damaged power lines and animals like snakes and rats. Worse, you can’t see what’s inside floodwater because it’s dirty, so you’re gambling […]

How to Handle Flash Floods

flash flood

Unlike hurricanes and mudslides that occur in one part of the region, flash floods can occur anywhere in the country. A few inches of standing flood water can cause severe home damage to the foundation, the roof, belongings, and much more in less time. The flash flood water can also cause health problems, injury, and […]

Plumbing and Water Restoration

Plumbing and Water Restoration

Water damage is a nightmare for the home’s structure, flooring, and electrical along with appliances and furniture. Rely on a plumber to fix plumbing and leaking issues in the home. Then, choose a restoration company to salvage the area from long-term damage like mold or wood rotting. Combined, your home will return to normal in […]

Signs of a sump pump failure

sump pump failure

Experiencing water damage in your basement is a nightmare. Whether it is due to heavy rain, pipe break or just humidity, around 60% of the houses in the U.S. have wet basements, according to The American Society of Home Inspectors.  One thing that can make a difference between a dry and a flooded basement is […]