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Causes And Signs of Roof Leak


Water damage caused by roof leaks is particularly problematic. The source is often difficult to find because the water can travel several feet from the entry point to where you can notice it. It is very important to fix a leaking roof as fast as possible to avoid mold growth. Once your walls or ceiling get damp, mold can start growing within 24 to 48 hours, causing further damage to your property.

Once you notice signs of roof leak, you should call a professional company to repair your roof. In case the leaking is severe and mold starts growing, you will need a water damage restoration company. They can help you properly dry your house and clean up the mess caused by the leak, including getting rid of any mold. 


Signs of Roof Leak 

Dripping Water or Stains on Your Ceiling

If the leakage is severe, you will notice water dripping from your ceilings. Sometimes it is more subtle though and you can only see dark stains or very small damp spots. Take a closer look at the discoloration on your walls or ceiling, for any signs of moisture or mold, as that is a sign of a roof leak. 

Reoccurring Moisture Stains or Drips 

Even if the damp spots seem to go away, you should still investigate for any leakage in your roof. The snow and ice on your roof might cause ice dams.

The Paint on Your Walls Looks Bubbly During Heavy Rain As Water Infiltrates

Visible signs of a roof leak extend beyond the attic. When rain infiltrates, the paint on your walls may take on a bubbly appearance, a telltale indicator of water seepage. Understanding these visual cues is crucial in identifying and addressing the causes of roof leaks in heavy rain promptly.

Buckling or Curling Shingles

If you do not apply the felt correctly, the shingles might get damage and allow the water to infiltrate. Water absorption may cause the shingles to curl and therefore allow the water to drip in your attic.

Missing Shingles

This happens especially after heavy rain or a storm. It might also happen if the shingles have been improperly fastened.  

Moldy Smell In Your Attic

If you sense a musty smell in your attic it might be due to mold growth caused by a roof leak. Mold does not just smell bad, but it is very harmful to you. Contact a mold remediation company for assistance immediately. 

The causes of a roof leak are multiple and you should inspect your roof regularly. Water can infiltrate through missing or broken shingles, through worn or improperly sealed roof flashing around chimneys, vents or roof planes. 

Causes of Roof Leak

Roof Leaking Around A Vent Pipe

The flashing used in sealing roof vent pipes is made of flexible material to prevent water from leaking in your attic. Over time, the material gets worn from sun exposure and heat, which causes the flashing to split. When this happens, there a crack between the seal and the vent pipe, which allows the water to get in your roof. 

Broken Shingles

Storms or heavy rains often displace shingles from your roof and you may find them laying in your yard. However, age is also a factor, as shingles get worn after a few years. Make sure to check regularly that they are all in place and there is no curling or buckling. 

Roof Air Vent Leaks

Roof air vents are extremely important for keeping a healthy environment in your roof. They allow the air from the underside of your roof to circulate to the outside of the roof. This keeps your roof safe from moisture that might cause mold growth. However, if the air vent is not sealed correctly, water might get in your roof during heavy rain

Roof Leaking Around Chimney

The bind between the chimney and the roof is usually made of mortar. As it is simply a mixture of sand, cement, and water, it can erode and crumble during harsh weather. If you notice any roof leak around the chimney, all you need to do is patch it up. 

Clogged Gutter Roof Leaks

The gutter and downspouts around your house carry the water from your roof down to the ground and keep it away from infiltrating in your roof. 

When your gutters are clogged, all the water from the rain along with the leaves and debris will remain in the gutter. If this happens, the water can get under the shingles and eaves to your ceiling and walls. You may want to install a gutter shield to prevent leaves and debris from clogging the gutter.

Roof Leak Covered By Insurance

Homeowner insurance usually covers roof leaks caused by natural disasters, such as fire, wind or hail. You should perform regular inspections though, as low maintenance or old issues leading will not be covered. Check with your insurance provider to see what is covered in case you have a roof leak. 

Roof Leak In New York

You might experience a leak in your roof due to numerous reasons, such as missing shingles, clogged gutters or just heavy rain. In case you see any signs of a roof leak, contact a water damage restoration company to properly dry your property. Our team of licensed technicians is ready to assist you in professionally restoring your home. We also perform mold remediation, as the water that has infiltrated in your walls and ceiling is the perfect environment for mold growth. 

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