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Plumbing and Water Restoration


Water damage is a nightmare for the home’s structure, flooring, and electrical along with appliances and furniture. Rely on a plumber to fix plumbing and leaking issues in the home. Then, choose a restoration company to salvage the area from long-term damage like mold or wood rotting. Combined, your home will return to normal in no time.


How can a Restoration/Plumbing company help?

Sewage backup

A restoration company can clean up the mess, stop mold growth, and eliminate the smell on the surface and underneath the flooring. A plumber will remove the clog, clean the pipe’s interior, and fix the sewage leak.

Toilet overflow

A plumber can fix toilet pipes, remove clogs, and fix the water valve. A restoration company will repair wet flooring around the toilet and throughout the bathroom to prevent cave-ins, deterioration, and mold growth.

Dishwasher leak

A plumber will discover the dishwasher’s leak source and fix it. A restoration company will search for lingering water around the dishwasher, hidden areas, and nearby cabinet walls to stop water damage.

Broken Pipes

While the plumber will fix broken pipes to stop small and large water leaks, the water is still there. You can clean it on the surface, but a restoration company will clean the structure underneath to stop mold growth.

Sump Pump Failure

A plumber can repair or replace malfunctions like the valve, motor, and discharge line. A restoration company will remove water damage from the basement flooring and wall structure.

The Difference between Plumbing & Restoration Services

While both complements each other, plumbing and restoration services are vastly different. The purpose of plumbing is to stop water from continuous overflow. Plumbers find the source of the leak, figure out why the pipe is leaking and repair the source of the problem. A restoration company searches for lingering water remaining in the building materials and removes it on the surface and underneath it. The restoration company will dry and disinfect the home to prevent further damage.

Why Plumbers and Restoration companies should work together

The problems in today’s homes overlap due to building materials, methods, and tools. Sharing, combining, and exchanging knowledge and resources benefits both companies.

One party must contact the other by force to complete the job. For example, there’s a leaky pipe inside the wall, yet the plumber can’t access it without contacting a restoration company. Furthermore, a restoration company can’t stop water damage without a plumber’s help to stop the water.

Customer demand requires assistance from both. There’s no point in fixing a pipe if wetness remains in the walls and flooring. There’s no point in water restoration on the flooring if the pipes continue to leak either. By working together, everyone benefits.

Task completion from start to finish is seamless for plumbers and restoration companies. Communication and coordination are more efficient and effective than working apart.

Water Damage Plumbing and Restoration in New York

Reach out to iFlooded Restoration for restoration services and let us take care of the rest. We have an extensive network of highly qualified plumbers to help us tackle the smallest, largest, easiest, and toughest water damage jobs around. Let the plumbers tackle plumbing pipes while our professionals dry the surface and underneath the surface with the latest equipment. Our water detection tools to ensure no water source remains.

Thirty years of industry experience in restoration is proof that we understand water damage through and through.

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