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The Dangers of Floodwater


Floodwater damages the home and affects your health because of what it carries. According to the CDC, floodwater carries debris, trash, human waste, animal waste, ash, glass, chemicals, and hazardous materials. It carries damaged power lines and animals like snakes and rats. Worse, you can’t see what’s inside floodwater because it’s dirty, so you’re gambling on your health and home by being around it. 


The Dangers of Floodwater

Home Damage

Whether it’s a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, moving or standing floodwater will damage the home in some capacity. Besides belongings, the damage will affect the home’s structure, electrical wires, and appliances. A weak home structure equals weaker walls, a cracked foundation, and a cracked roof. Electrical wires affected are ones frayed or broken, which will affect electrical outlets. The electricity will affect plugged-in damaged or wet appliances such as refrigerators, washer-dryers, HVACs, and water heaters.

The floodwater’s severity will depend on the amount of water engulfing the area and how long the water is idle. Nevertheless, any water touching the home’s structure inside and outside will develop mold one to two days after contact. Water can cause damage to the wall structures that can cause the walls to fall apart, the floors to cave in, and the ceilings to collapse.

Health Concerns

Floodwater jeopardizes health and injury toward you and your loved ones. You can get rashes and diseases by being in the water. It causes injury such as open wounds or sprained ankles because of random sharp objects floating in floodwater. Electrocution is possible because of electrical wires coming in contact with the floodwater, and the floodwater’s cold temperature can cause hypothermia. Drowning is also a concern.

What to Do Before the Water Damage Restoration Company Arrives

Because the water may be contaminated, never attempt to walk in or remove floodwater alone or as a family. It is too dangerous and the risk isn’t worth it. Step back and contact a water damage restoration company immediately. Meanwhile, there are some tips you can do to stay safe.

  • Wear gloves and waterproof boots.
  • Wash hands with soap and water if it comes in contact with floodwater.
  • Wash skin and sores with soap and water if it comes in contact with floodwater.
  • Open entrance doors, interior doors, and windows to let floodwater out
  • Go to the home’s main electrical outlet box and the home’s main water valve and turn off both.
  • Throw away food that touched floodwater, including canned food.

Water Damage in New York

The hazardous and complicated situation is iFlooded Restoration’s specialty. IFR Professionals know how to protect themselves and others from floodwater’s harmful side effects to your home. With over 30 years of experience combating water damage, we will return your home to a livable state before mold has a chance to grow. Our experts will clean, dry, and sanitize the property with the latest drying equipment. Afterward, we will bill your insurance company directly so you can focus on your home, your health, and your loved ones.

Our customers should never underestimate floodwater’s dangerous side effects. Lean on iFlooded Restoration during this difficult time. Call or view our website for an appointment and to learn more information about floodwater damage. We are available 24/7.