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Why You Should Inspect Your Ceiling Tile


Tile mold and color changes on your office ceiling may be due to various issues.

Among the most common are the following.

Leaky Roof
Severe weather can compromise your roof and cause leaks that affect your interior ceiling. Weather-related water damage is frequently a consequence of:
Sun exposure that cracks shingles
Hail that dislodges or breaks shingles
Snow or ice that melts through shingles and gutters
A strong wind that loosens or dislodges shingles

Scheduling periodic roof inspections can help you ascertain sections vulnerable to water penetration, which may lead to interior flooding.

Malfunctioning HVAC System
Tile discoloration on your ceiling could indicate a leak coming from your HVAC system. Inadequately insulated ductwork could create condensation build-up. An overflowing drip pan or a clogged condenser line may produce standing water that eventually forms tile mold. By the time mold affects ceiling tile, the water damage may extend deep into the interior wall space. At this point, you may require the services of a mold remediation professional to prevent further damage.

Plumbing Leak
A significant number of ceiling leaks occur because of broken pipes in the plumbing system of multi-story office buildings. Most leaks cause slow drips over time. When you start to notice tile stains, you can assume there is significant water accumulation.

Lighting Choice
Most office buildings rely on fluorescent light because it is a low-cost, energy-efficient option and fluorescent light builds are long-lasting. A downside of this type of light is that it emits ultraviolet rays that cause ceiling tile discoloration over time.

Air Particles
During cold months, heated air in offices rises toward the ceiling. It can carry dust particles and microscopic debris that settles on porous ceiling tiles. Fortunately, this kind of discoloration is not an indication of a tile mold problem that requires urgent intervention.

Changes in the ceiling tile color at your business could have benign causes or indicate water damage with severe consequences for your business in Queens, New York.