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Water damage is a common problem that many homeowners deal with at some point. The process of restoring your home or business to its pre-loss condition after being damaged by water is known as water damage restoration. It primarily focuses on mitigating structural and property damage caused by exposure to excessive moisture, including floods, leaks, natural disaster recovery (such as hurricanes), firefighting, leaking sink, faulty plumbing, a burst frozen pipe, basement flood, sewage backup, clogged toilets and drains, or a leaking roof. 

The damage can also come from malfunctioning appliances such as a leaking dishwasher hose connection, a broken (overflowing) washing machine, a malfunctioning defrost timer in your refrigerator, condensation from AC systems, leaking water heater or a malfunctioning sprinkler system.

Water damage restoration often involves activities such as clean up, drying, sanitizing of water-damaged areas and contents, and dehumidifying the air in affected buildings. In addition to dealing with the effects of being exposed to water itself – which includes the rise in temperature and humidity levels – those who do water damage restoration must also be able to dry the structure down in order to prevent mold growth. 

If mold is encountered, then the occupants become susceptible to respiratory problems, allergic reactions and organ damage. Besides molding, the affected rooms face the risk of infestation from various insects attracted by high humidity. You, therefore, need a professional water damage restoration company to clean up and restore your property to a habitable condition.

iFlooded Restoration has been providing water damage restoration services in the Tri-State area for over 30 years. Our IICRC licensed technicians use industry-standard equipment to dry out residential water damage and restore it to what it used to be.

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What Is Water Damage?

Water damage is basically the destruction caused by any water intrusion on your property. The damage can come from a leaking pipe, a clogged toilet, a broken heater, a leaking appliance like a refrigerator, or from natural disasters such as storm floods, hurricanes, blizzards etc.

The damage can be categorized into three groups depending on the type of water involved.

1. Clearwater Damage (Also known as Category 1)

This kind of damage results from a leak of water from a sanitary source such as water from the sink, a leaking washing machine, or an overflow from a bathtub. If the clearwater is left untreated for over 48 hours, or if the water flows through a contaminated area, then it could fall into a Category 2 or 3.

2. Greywater Damage (Also known as Category 2)

Greywater basically refers to contaminated water. The water is contaminated and can lead to sickness if consumed. The common sources of greywater include toilets and discharges from fixtures and leaking appliances. If greywater is left untreated for over 48 hours, it could turn into Category 3.

3. Blackwater Damage (Also known as Category 3)

Blackwater carries the motherload of contamination, from bacteria to viruses. The water will contain anything from fecal matter, sewage waste, oil, grease, or even chunks of food. Blackwater can cause immense damage to your structures and property as well as cause infections. You need to clear up blackwater as soon as possible to reduce your exposure to harmful bacteria. Additionally, if left untreated, blackwater damage can be difficult to manage, so it is vital that you engage a water damage service provider to clean up and restore your property.

What is a Water Damage Restoration Service?

Water damage restoration services entail the extraction of standing water, cleanup, drying, and rebuilding after water damage occurs. Water damage restoration companies provide restoration services through their teams of trained technicians who are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

The restoration services entail using professional and recommended machinery and tools for water removal, water mitigation, dehumidification, cleaning, and sanitizing so that the property is restored back to a habitable condition after the damage from the water. A water damage restoration company will also help you fill the insurance claim and provide documentation of the water damage for faster insurance claim processing. 

Water restoration services ensure that the restoration is done safely, and you salvage as many items as possible. When faced with water damage, it’s tempting to try and lift a tacked-down carpet, disturb the visible mold, or even forget to turn off the electricity in the presence of standing water. All these things might feel intuitive in helping to resolve the water damage, but they are unsafe and can cause more damage to your items and property. You also run the risk of electrocuting yourself or getting exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses, depending on the category of water damage present. For these reasons, you need to engage the services of a professional water damage restoration company.



Water Damage Restoration Process

The exact measures and the length of time of the water damage restoration process depend on the extent of the damage and how long the water damage has been left untreated. However, regardless of the size of the damage, the water restoration process involves two main phases: water removal and water cleanup. 

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to our water damage restoration process.

1. Emergency Services

The first thing that we do in a water damage emergency is to locate the water source. This could be a toilet overflow, a frozen pipe that has burst, or a leaking ceiling. Whatever the source of the leak, it is critical that you stop it to prevent further damage to your home. 

After conducting an assessment of the situation and locating the source of the water, it’s time to start the water extraction. For this, we use high-powered extraction tools and machinery. We also remove any wet items so that we can dry them up. If the water wet your carpet and rugs, you might be tempted to use your household vacuum cleaner before the arrival of any water damage restoration companies- do not do that. It’s best to leave the job to professional water damage restoration technicians because you can end up causing more damage.

Removing the wet materials prevents the growth of mold, which would cause more problems.

2. File Insurance Claim

Next, it’s time to get the insurance guys. Once you fill out your insurance claim, we set up an onsite inspection of the water damage with the insurance company’s field adjuster. An insurance field adjuster is basically the representative of the insurance company.

3. Dry the Property

We continue to monitor the drying process of the affected area and material. The process takes about 2-5 days, depending on the extent of the water damage. Throughout these days, the equipment keeps running to facilitate the drying process. Once we are sure that your property is dry, we then remove the equipment.

4. Rebuild

With everything dry, we then assess the kind and extent of damage to your property. The assessment will guide us in the restoration process. Some water damage could necessitate replacing drywall, interior insulation, ceiling panels, damaged wood parts, or other building materials. Water damage repair aims to restore your home into a habitable condition just like it was before the water damage.

Why You Should Choose Us

In the midst of a water damage crisis, you want to choose the best water damage restoration company to help you with the restoration process, and we are the best.

24/7 Immediate Response

Like many accidents, there’s no time when it can’t happen. So, if you have a water damage situation in the middle of the night, you don’t have to wait until daylight to resolve it. iFlooded Restoration provides 24/7 support to its customers.

We arrive at your property fast, and we can handle any size of disaster. Water damage is time-sensitive, and the longer you take to resolve the situation, the more extensive the damage, so you want to restore your property as fast as you can to prevent further damage. Preventing extra damage ultimately ties to reducing the cost of restoration.

30+ years Experience in Restoration

We have been in the water damage restoration services business for over 30 years, so who better to trust to restore your property? Over the years, we have served thousands of customers in some of their most devastating moments, like flood damage. However, our fast and professional team held their hands through the water restoration process and ensured that they restored their homes and gave them back their peace.

Water Mitigation via Advanced Techniques

We understand that there are many types of water damages that require unique approaches; this type of service may include some unusual equipment such as large fans and dehumidifiers. To properly dry out wet areas in a residence or commercial space, our technicians use powerful vacuums to suck up moisture, and special dehumidifiers to help remove excess humidity from the air. When water is coming from a broken pipe, we inspect for structural damage and do the repairs along with the restoration work.

Direct Insurance Billing

We know that water damage on its own already sends our clients into a panic and stressful situation without adding the anxiety around restoration costs. So, we accommodate direct insurance billing to your insurer. Once we initiate emergency water damage restoration services, we help you fill out your insurance claim and set up an onsite damage inspection with a representative from the insurance company. Our team of experts is well trained to provide documentation like drying logs to hasten the insurance claim.

Licensed Technicians

Our team consists of IICRC licensed technicians who know the ins and outs of water damage restoration. With iFlooded Restoration, you are guaranteed a team of professionals who are well-versed in water restoration services regardless of the extent of the water damage. Whether it’s clearwater, greywater, or blackwater damage, you can trust our technicians with the cleanup, disinfection, and restoration of your home. The team also handles structural drying and provides thorough monitoring and documentation of the process.

Here are some of the following water damage situations that we handle:

Basement Flood

We adopt best practices to clean up basement flood damage and get your home back to a habitable state. After removing the excess water and drying your basement, we'll inspect the damage and document any of your belongings that are beyond salvage, like upholstery, particleboard furniture, and insulation materials. We would then create an inventory list of all affected belongings.

Pipe Break

Pipe Break

If you notice a drop in water pressure, a hissing sound, or watermarks on the wall, there may be a burst pipe in your home. The first thing you should do is isolate the primary water source and switch off your home's water & power supply. Before things get out of hand, you need to contact water restoration experts to help you locate the pipe and stop the damage before it gets any worse.

Frozen Pipe

Frozen Pipe

Frozen pipes can burst and flood your home. As part of frozen pipe prevention, you need to insulate exterior pipes such as water supply lines in your garage and attics. Whenever you have to leave your home for more than a day, make sure you shut off the water supply and set your thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Toilet Overflow

An overflowing toilet can fill your home with contaminated water and cause category 2 or 3 water damage to your floors, bathroom furniture, fixtures, and appliances. It can also affect your health, and the odor from the water is very unpleasant. While you shouldn't try to handle or clean this up yourself, there are a few things you can do, like shutting the water valve and contacting water restoration professionals. Once you reach out to us, our water damage restoration experts will help you clean, dry, and sanitize the affected area.

Sewage backup

A sewage problem or sewer backup is an absolute nightmare that can cause severe water damage and destroy your home. It can backup harmful sewage fecal matter waste. The best way to handle this is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Avoid pouring grease down your sink drain, and do not flush paper hygiene products. If you have a sewage backup, be sure to call restoration professionals to remediate it properly.

Flash Floods

Flash Floods

Flash flooding happens suddenly, after heavy rainfall or due to mudslides, broken dams, or overflowing streams. Flash flooding causes different types of water damage that can ruin your home and destroy all your properties. Flash floods can flow through your sewage system and push out feces and other debris into your home, which causes category 3 water damage. It can also destroy your basement walls, ceiling structure and weaken your basement floor. If you have flooding in your home, call iFlooded Restoration, and we will respond immediately.

Dishwasher Malfunctions

Dishwasher Malfunctions

Dishwater malfunctions can cause leakage, which leads to water damage. Different circumstances can cause dishwasher leakage in your home. For instance, if your dishwasher starts leaking from the bottom, it is a sign that your pump seal or water inlet valve is worn out. Also, faulty drain pipes or blockage can cause air gap leakage. If you notice water coming out from the bottom of your dishwasher or under the sink, you need to act fast and contact water damage restoration pros. We'll help you identify the leakage source and dry the area thoroughly to prevent mold growth.

Refrigerator Leak

Refrigerator leakage can start from the bottom of your refrigerator or from inside the freezer. Blockage of your refrigerator’s drain opening can make your refrigerator start leaking water from the bottom. In this case, you need to clear out any food particles in the drain so that the accumulated water can drain out. Modern refrigerators with water and ice dispensers can also malfunction, causing water to leak out. Either way, you need to get water damage professionals as soon as you notice this to prevent further damage.

Roof Leak

Roof Leak

Roof leakage is one of the trickiest water damage situations. Sometimes, the only sign you get is continuous water dripping from your roof or small damp discoloration on your walls and ceilings. Other times, you'll notice a moldy smell in your attic. Roof leakage can be caused by a cracked vent pipe, broken shingles, chimney, or clogged gutter. iFlooded Restoration will help you identify the problem’s source, fast dry your house, and repair the leaking roof.

Sink Overflow

Sink Overflow

At one point or the other, you may experience leakage from an overflowing sink in your kitchen or bathroom which can cause category 2 and 3 water damage in your home. Once contaminated water from sink overflow comes in contact with different surfaces in your home, it can cause rapid mold growth in just 48 hours. Once you notice your sink is overflowing, you need to turn off the water and electricity sources and then mop up as much water as you can and then call a water damage restoration company to dry up the moisture and prevent further damage.

Sump Pump Failure

While a sump pump failure doesn't happen every day, it can cause extreme water damage to your home, especially when you do not deal with it in time. Some of the easily noticed signs of a sump pump failure are visible rust and strange noises from the pump. If a sump pump is malfunctioning, it will allow water to accumulate in your home, causing water damage to your basement. You need to call a water damage company to help you dry out your basement to prevent mold growth.

Storm Damage Flooding

Storm Damage Flooding

Natural disasters like devastating storms can flood your home and destroy your properties. iFlooded Disaster Recovery Team will help you handle any damage caused by a storm and restore your home to livable conditions.

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Water Damage FAQs

Property owners must take special care when identifying water damage restoration contractors. It’s always best to hire reputable companies with well-trained professionals who can offer a variety of water damage restoration services for a high-quality outcome. A reputable water damage restoration contractor will have many positive reviews online, and many referrals from satisfied clients.

Before signing any contracts with any service providers, it’s necessary to thoroughly review and question all payment terms, as prices will vary from company A to company B depending on company overhead expenses, job severity/complexity, the material amount required, etc. The cost of materials will also vary depending on location. Service providers should provide clients with itemized quotes outlining total charges per hour for labor and parts used for each project. Many reputable contractors will even have online quote forms.

Water is one of nature’s most destructive forces. If caught early enough, water damage restoration is not too expensive or difficult to handle (with professional help from companies such as this one ), but delaying repair jobs will only make things worse in the long run. Below are symptoms and signs that indicate a potential problem

  • Small puddles on the floor
  • Mildew odor
  • Warped wooden floors/floors with cracks between its boards
  • Soggy drapes/carpets (with droplets falling from them)
  • Peeling paint on your ceiling
  • A musty smell inside your home.


If you notice any of these signs, get advice from a professional water damage restoration company to ensure that your property is well protected from further damages and potential hazards.

The majority of the homeowner policies cover water damage as long as it’s sudden and accidental. Such scenarios can include accidental pipe breaks, toilet overflows, or leaking appliances. Further, our company bills the insurance company directly, so you don’t have to worry about the process. However, in the event of heavy rainfall, coastal flooding, flash floods, you need to have a separate flood insurance policy. We, however, generate a free cost estimate, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Absolutely. For a fast, professional response, you need water damage repair services. The services ensure that you salvage as many contents as possible and your space is restored to how it was before. Water damage can also make you sick due to microorganisms, so you want to clear it out as soon as possible.

You need an IICRC licensed reputable company that has 24/7 emergency water damage emergency services, has a proven track record, bills the insurance company directly, and has industry-standard equipment to dry out your property.

With more than 30 years of water damage restoration experience, iFlooded Restoration provides the best water damage repair services in the Tri-State Area. 

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