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Is Water Damage Mold Dangerous?

Water damage is an all-too-familiar challenge in New York, where the unpredictable weather and frequent flooding can wreak havoc on properties. The immediate aftermath often leaves homeowners grappling with the loss of personal items and facing hefty repair bills. Yet,

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Is A Tenant Responsible For Water Damage?

Water damage in a rental property can quickly escalate from a minor inconvenience to a significant problem, leaving tenants and landlords navigating a murky sea of responsibilities and rights. The question of who bears the brunt of the costs and

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How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take? A Quick Guide

Water is the source of life—until it enters your property and begins to damage everything it comes into contact with. Unfortunately, water damage can destroy your belongings and cause significant structural problems.  Remediation and restoration are critical to reducing further

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How To Check For Mold After Water Damage

Water damage is a problem, causing potential structural issues and damaging your personal property. However, water damage is also a breeding ground for mold, forming in as little as 24-48 hours.  Unfortunately, mold after water damage can severely damage your

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What Is A Puff Back? A Guide on Puff Backs 2024

As the weather changes and the temperature drops, it is time for homeowners to start using their boiler or the furnace. While safe to use, there are circumstances that may cause the boiler or furnace to malfunction. That is when

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