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Mold is a problem that you should never ignore. Leaving it to worsen can impact your health and compromise your property’s structural integrity. The professionals at iFlooded Restoration work on mold issues of all scales, providing a full-service solution. 

If you’re in the New York area, please contact us today. We’ll visit your property and develop a bespoke strategy to identify, remove, and eliminate future mold growth. With us on your side, you can get back into your property without worrying about a thing.

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What is mold removal and remediation?

Mold is a common substance that often forms due to moisture in the environment. While there are numerous forms of mold, only some are toxic to humans and animals – including black mold. 

In some cases, you might notice visible mold spores, but it’s important to remember that they can grow in places that aren’t visible to the human eye, causing significant damage to structural elements of your property. 

Unfortunately, mold in New York is a common issue, with complaints increasing by over 4000 in 2022 (New York Times). 

Mold removal and remediation are essential to eliminate spores for good.


Mold removal is physically removing spores from properties using specialist knowledge and equipment. It involves numerous processes, including cleaning and sanitization after removal. 

While removal is an essential part of dealing with mold, focusing on it solely means you’re not treating the underlying cause. 


Mold remediation is an intricate process that encompasses the initial diagnosis, removing the mold, and preventing the issue from occurring again. It can also factor in testing to identify the mold types in your property, resulting in a full-service solution. 

We offer remediation services because they’re the best way to deal with mold for good and prevent it from taking over your property. 

What are the signs of mold?

While mold is often visible, it can grow behind walls and in isolated corners, which you might not notice immediately. However, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean the mold isn’t causing severe damage. 

The following signs might point to mold spores: 

  • Noticing a musty or stale odor in your property
  • Seeing moisture around windows, pipes, or other areas  
  • Previous leak, flood, or other forms of water damage 
  • Experiencing allergic reactions or a worsening of respiratory conditions such as asthma 
  • Black spots or marks on the walls, ceiling, and flooring
mold removal

Mold poses a threat to your property and health: Remediation is the only way to reverse its effects

Mold might seem like a mere inconvenience and aesthetic issue, but it’s known for its ability to wreak havoc on your property and compromise the health of those exposed. 

Some people believe the issue will go away on its own, but this often leaves the spores to multiply and penetrate other areas of the property. 

Here are some reasons why calling iFlooded Restoration when you first notice any signs of mold is the proactive way to save your residential or commercial building.

It compromises structural integrity 

Mold loves moisture, and the spores thrive in damp conditions. When they begin to multiply and penetrate the structural elements of your home, it inevitably compromises their integrity. For example, wooden beams, insulation, and drywall are susceptible to mold. 

The spores can impact their strength, resulting in severe structural issues and costly repairs. 

Interior Damage 

The musty odor of mold is difficult to get rid of when it penetrates your carpets, soft furnishings, and personal belongings. Your clothing can also fall victim to the spores, which often means you’ll need to replace them. 

Getting help immediately can prevent you from spending a lot of money on replacements. You might also have to redecorate your property, putting you under financial strain. 

Air quality issues 

Mold spores release VOCs  (volatile organic compounds), compromising air quality. Not only will this make the property smell unpleasant, but it can also aggravate respiratory disorders. 

Commercial properties might find tenants complain or people refuse to enter the building due to the odor, making it a problem you want to avoid. 

Health problems 

Aside from the structural and cosmetic damage it causes, mold can also expose inhabitants of a building to a range of health conditions. Children and people with weaker immune systems are particularly at risk, as are those with respiratory conditions. 

Respiratory infections, asthma flare-ups, and allergic reactions are all potential side effects of mold damage. It’s important to remember that pets are also at risk of developing complications when exposed to mold.

We specialize in commercial and residential mold restoration services

Whether you’re a homeowner or have a commercial property, dealing with mold rapidly prevents excessive costs further down the line. Our talented technicians are highly experienced in working on restoration projects of all sizes and guarantee a professional service. 

Residential properties 

Nobody wants to expose their family and furry friends to the dangers of mold, but acting fast gives you the best opportunity to recover your belongings. We know your home should be a haven, and we go out of our way to dynamically fight mold as quickly as possible. 

Commercial properties 

Whether it’s your tenants, employees, or customers, not dealing with mold in your commercial property increases the risk of lawsuits. Our mold remediation services are designed to treat the spores rapidly, ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

Working with a leading restoration company in New York means you can put mold and its reign of terror behind you

We often refer to mold as a silent attacker because it creeps up on you and takes root before you notice its existence. Fire damage and flooding are instantly noticeable, but we attend to many properties with extensive mold issues, offering a proactive service. 

With a fully qualified team of technicians, iFlooded Restoration has the expertise and experience to treat your mold problem efficiently, returning the property to its pre-damage condition. 

Working throughout New York state, we’ll attend your property any day, any time, as soon as possible. Our multi-pronged attack allows us to banish mold spores from any property and salvage your belongings.

The mold damage restoration process:

mold remediation

1. Mold damage assessment

Mold spores hate us because we always find them. Our assessment process leaves no stone unturned, as we track spores and ensure none go unnoticed. Mold can penetrate walls, ceilings, and flooring, but our technicians know how to find it. Once we assess the damage, we can develop a plan to tackle and eliminate the mold.

mold remediation

2. Containment measures

We'll also go out of our way to contain the mold and protect uncontaminated areas wherever possible. Using industry-grade air scrubbers and filters to remove airborne spores means we can minimize future damage and keep your property safe.

mold inspection

3. Material removal

If your mold problem is particularly severe, we might need to dispose of some materials. However, we'll always inform you before this happens and use ethical practices to ensure the items have minimal environmental impact. Typical items that might suffer irreparable damage include carpets, soft furnishings, and clothing.

4. Disinfecting surfaces

Any surfaces that come into contact with mold need disinfection to remove the spores and prevent them from spreading further. We have access to powerful disinfectants that work quickly and kill the spores. Our technicians can also use HEPA vacuums to expel mold traces, reducing the risks of regrowth.

5. Drying and dehumidification

Once we remove mold from your property, we'll thoroughly dry it and ensure no excess moisture. Our access to industrial-grade air movers and humidifiers means we can complete the task rapidly, but the time will depend on the mold's severity. We'll let you know how long the process will take and keep you informed.

6. Structural restoration

As a full-service mold remediation company, we'll also perform restoration work, including repairing damage to your property's interior. Taking preventative measures to prevent future mold will also give you peace of mind for the future.

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    Why trust iFlooded Restoration with your property?

    In our decades of remediation and restoration experience, we’ve helped properties across New York recover from natural disasters, fires, sewage backups, and mold problems. 

    Our clients trust us because we always go the extra mile and deploy a proven process when tackling mold spores. Working with us gives you access to a convenient service where you’re always in charge.

    We’re here for you 24/7 

    Some restoration services will make you wait until it’s convenient for them. Not us. The key to dealing with any property damage is treating it rapidly, and our clients can take advantage of a 24/7 emergency helpline. 

    All you need to do is call (800) 874-8146, and a technician will visit your property immediately. 

    Insurance experts 

    Trying to claim through your insurance provider is a stressful experience, but with us on your side, you don’t have to prepare for battle. A technician will meet the insurance company’s adjuster on-site and explain the damage to them. 

    We’ll outline the necessary repairs and get you the payout you deserve, lifting a massive weight off your shoulders. 

    Fair and competitive pricing 

    As part of our value-focused service, we treat each customer fairly and keep our pricing competitive. Yes, remediation is an investment, but that doesn’t mean you should pay the earth for it. 

    Once we understand your mold damage, we’ll generate a free estimate, and you can decide if you want to proceed. There are no hidden charges or nasty surprises at the end; just complete clarity on how much the restoration project will cost. 

    Excellent support guaranteed 

    We want iFlooded Restoration to be everyone’s go-to place for mold problems, and we know that much of our success lies in delivering a superior customer experience. Working with us gives you ongoing support, where you always understand what we’re doing. 

    Your technicians will liaise with you if they can’t salvage any belongings, and you won’t have to deal with your insurance provider either.

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    Mold doesn’t have to take over your house, and with iFlooded Restoration on your side, you can say goodbye to it for good.


    Remediating mold requires a multi-pronged attack, including assessing the damage, drying your property, and disinfecting it to ensure the spores don’t regrow.

    Mold removal is the physical process of getting rid of spores, while remediation is the entire process, including identification, containment, and preventing spores from occurring again. Put simply, removal falls under the restoration umbrella.

    It depends on how serious your problem is and whether the spores penetrate the walls. Our technicians will explain the work they’re doing and what’s involved.

    Definitely. Mold can cause extensive damage to property and compromise your health. Dealing with mold and investing in a certified restoration service means you can continue to live or work there. 

    Also, few people want to buy or rent properties with mold, so addressing the issue can increase its value.

    Mold is complex to remove, and the process requires expertise, so the costs can mount up. However, contacting us immediately means you can save money, as fewer costs are associated with mild mold issues.

    Abatement is a process that eliminates dangerous substances, including lead and asbestos, while remediation mitigates mold. While abatement can control and remove spores, remediation prevents them from growing again.

    16:10 15 Jun 23
    Unfortunately a fire recently struck my home near the beginning of 2023. I was devasted and at a loss. So happy and blessed that the corporation iFlooded Restoration quickly took control of the situation. Their swift and professional way of approaching the issue was remedying and their expertise in fire damage restoration was very noticeable. I would definitely refer iFlooded Restoration to anyone else in a similar situation.
    Todd ShawTodd Shaw
    13:13 26 Mar 23
    Within 2 hours of our basement flooding, iFlooded was there to survey the damage. Within 24 hours they had removed all of our contents and began the remediation process. They worked with our insurance company to ensure that all of our damage and remediation was covered. iFlooded was responsive throughout the process and helped to limit our damage so we could quickly begin the restoration process. Thanks iFlooded.
    nick fotiadesnick fotiades
    13:50 08 Feb 23
    iFlooded Restoration saved the day after my business suffered from a dryer fire. Their swift response, expert knowledge, and efficient work restored my shop to its pre-fire condition.
    Jessie JimenezJessie Jimenez
    14:00 06 Feb 23
    I highly recommend iFlooded Restoration for their exceptional water restoration services! I recently experienced a toilet valve malfunction that caused water damage to my property, and iFlooded was there to help every step of the way. From start to finish, they were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient in their approach. They quickly assessed the damage, extracted the water, and dried out the affected areas to prevent any further damage. Their team worked with my insurance company to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. I am extremely impressed with iFlooded and the quality of their work, and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future. Thank you iFlooded for your excellent service and for helping me restore my property
    Paul MilkmanPaul Milkman
    20:46 16 Jan 23
    We had a totally flooded basement. The company responded quickly, removed all the water, the waste, cut off the sheetrock at 2 and a half inches from the floor, left a dozen high-powered fans in place and completely dried the floor. They came back a few days later to remove their equipment. Great, thorough job.
    David HayesDavid Hayes
    14:18 03 Jan 23
    After lighting struck out home the team at iFlooded came in and removed all of the damaged materials and dried the interior from the water damage. A terrible experience was made better because of their professional care and consideration. Thanks iFlooded.
    Michael BradyMichael Brady
    02:03 15 Mar 22
    iFlooded was extremely responsive and helpful in a stressful time. Alex was amazing to work with and I cannot thank him enough for all he did for us.
    Omar DonesOmar Dones
    00:32 08 Feb 22
    Owning a home is stressful enough, but when you come home to a flooded house after a vacation...omg! I just about lost it! But then I remembered a company that a friend had recommended a few months back. Thank goodness for IFR! The team was quick to respond and professional. Alex and his group took care of everything for me from beginning to end. Got you guys on speed dial! 🙂
    J. Hyun JoeJ. Hyun Joe
    03:41 01 Jan 22
    Brad and his team in iFlooded Restoration are very professional and remarkable in mold and fire restoration projects. As a licensed mold assessor in NY, I have worked with them in multiple projects for three years with their restoration works done. They have been caring their clients property professionally and jobs have been done punctually. One of the best things for me was an excellent communication between their team and me! I would highly recommend to try Brad and iFlooded for your stressful situation of mold and fire incidents. Big thumbs up!
    ashley armatoashley armato
    01:31 18 Dec 21
    We live in south babylon near the water. Our basement flooded out so we called these guys because of all the good reviews they had. They came the same night and pumped out the 2 feet of water. They dried my basement out .There crew did a great job sorting out my wet belongings so I could get reimbursed for the damaged goods i had in basement. They were very professional . I would highly recommend them , thank you brad for everything
    Albion MujaAlbion Muja
    12:54 14 Dec 21
    Best team!! They came and explained everything to me, so i went with them for my flooded basement. very professional and they made everything so smooth. Thank you again. Would highly highly recommend.